QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas Mail Safe Box

A canvas mail safe box ideal for mass canvas fulfilment. A premium engineered presentation carrier which is available in a range of sizes to suit popular QuickPro ArtWrap sizes. This tough box features strong, thick sides for extra durability. The extra wide lid adds extra protection to the sides and keeps the canvas safe from crumple zones. This economical carrier is ideal for packing quickly and sending safely.

Adventa – Mail Safe Box

QuickPro ArtWrap Mail Safe Boxes are designed and made in the UK, from industry leading professionals. The Mail Safe canvas postal boxes have been designed to provide extra protection to the canvas when sending in the post or by courier. This economical carrier is ideal for packing quickly and sending safely. Our picture frames and stands are ready to use, have great durability and deliver the highest quality to your customers.

At Adventa we pride ourselves on efficiency that does not compromise quality. This means that we provide wholesale instant products to you, so that you can deliver high quality products, quickly and effectively to your customers. We supply wholesale in over 30 different countries and are constantly working to bring new and exciting products to your customers.

Simply supply the prints! The strong board construction uses a ‘fold and lock’ method with a premium back board to complete the canvas.

They are available in a range of shapes and dimensions to offer your customers a great choice to suit their photos. These modern canvases look great in any home or business setting and are wall mountable for prominent room presentation.

QuickPro Canvas products are available in wholesale and trade quantities and are expertly designed to be quick and easy to assemble. This product delivers the high standards, quality and unique creativity of Adventa to your customers.

Whether it is their holidays, wedding photos, family portraits, pets or even that special selfie, your customers will be delighted to display their memories and moments on the awesome QuickPro Canvas, and are guaranteed their product at a fraction of the time of traditional canvas prints. If you want to know how to make a canvas, we make it easy! get in touch with us today.

This new patented product from Adventa is ground-breaking in the world of canvas print, offering a faster and very cost-effective method of making premium high quality canvases.

We supply the blanks, you or your customer just add the print. 

Our display products range from home and living to the leisure and tourism industries, providing you with the perfect blank products to complete with print, text and photographs.

In our display range, we also offer fantastic wholesale canvas products. Our unique trademark designs are innovative, easy to assemble and look amazing.

If it’s not just display items you are looking for we have a great selection of Craft & Education items, keyrings and magnets and also provide those fun seasonal photo & canvas print products that are most popular with your customers.