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Adventa’s range of personalised photo jute bags comprise of 3 colour options and 3 different sizes, giving you the variety to offer something new and different to your customers. They are great as ‘design your own jute bag’ campaigns. A print can easily be slid into the pocket on the front of the bag so either you can make up for your customers in seconds or give to them blank for them to have fun making at home.

The range of photo jute bags come in 3 sizes – 4 x 6”, 6 x 8” and 8 x 10”.

The large 8 x 10” photo bag makes an ideal reusable grocery bag. The strong ergonomic handles means that customers can safely and easily carry their shopping.

Party bags are not just for children (although they still can be), more and more party events from Wedding’s to baby showers are giving out fun filled party bags to their guests. The medium 6 x 8” photo jute bag makes an ideal size and also the decent size photo areas means guess can put a selfie from the day or a lovely thank you message.

Also in the personalisable bag range is the Mini Jute Bag, this small hessian bag holds a 4 x 6” print. This Jute Bag Mini Pink compact and cute size makes a great bag for packing ones lunch in. The 4 x 6” area can hold a lovely family phot or let the kids draw or paint a picture to insert in.

Each size is available in a natural jute colour or a pink or black one. The shopping bags as well as offering a reusable aspect to your customers they are also environmenttally friendly themselves. Using the vegetable fibre jute which has been spun into course, strong threads. Offering a much better alternative than its competitor - the reusable plastic bag! 

They take just 10 seconds to make... just slide out the card and re-insert with print. Peel off adhesive strip or leave unsealed for easy of change. 

How to make a photo jute hessian bag    Making a photo jute bag

These have been designed with quality in mind as well as the ergonomic handles, they also feature waterproof lining for durability. Each photo area also has a protective cover that keeps the insert safe and secure. Your customers will be delighted to make and design their own bag so why not offer them as a selection in your range and also advertise with a range of options to give them inspiration…the photo area is also sealable ensuring that the photo can keep safe and secure or it can be left unsealed so the customer can switch and change their image to suit their moods.

If you are interested in blank personalised photo bags to offer in your range then get into contact with Adventa today to discuss a range of bulk quantities and prices.

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