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20/11/2018  |  Articles

Breaking Tradition With the Future of Canvas Making 

Simplify your Wall Art Canvas production with the 

QuickPro Auto Canvas Range 

The QuickPro Auto range provides everything you need to assemble & dispatch every 2 minutes. This simple but effective range Saves you Time, Saves you Money, Save you Space! 

All you need for this simple canvas production is: 

Canvas Media - We have a range of cotton and polyester rolls in different roll widths to suit your size requirements - view range here 

Canvas - Generate a canvas template using our free canvas software in just a few seconds here 

Board - Then using our specially designed and patented canvas boards which use a unique fold & lock How To Make A Canvas - Canvas Stretch mechanism to make the canvas. Watch our How to make a canvas video training pack here This is the quick way to stretch a canvas!  

Box - Strong durable canvas design means it's incredibly safe & easy to mail. Our inherently tough registered designed Mail Safe box enables you to package up your canvas. View the different sizes here 

Canvas dispatch box | canvas mailing box

This globally patented canvas solution enables you to create a canvas from print to post in 2 minutes - impossible with standard wooden bar canvas frame systems! Watch the whole process here 

To create 1 size of canvas all you need is a 4m wide production table and our innovative QuickPro Auto Stapling machine which uses a pedal activated air compressor to staple along two sides of the canvas and cuts the corner at the same time. The whole solution can be operated with just 1 member of staff, although in peak periods we recommend 3 members of staff 1) preparing & stapling the board 2) Create the canvas 3) Labelling, boxing & dispatch. 

With a range of over 10 sizes, from 6 x 6" to 20 x 30", there are numerous sizes to suit a range of markets and requirements. All sizes are bulked packed on pallets for global export. The strong board canvas comes flat without corners, which are a normal feature on the stand range, this ensures their compatibility with the stapling machine. 

The canvas can then be finished with the smart & professional black backing, complete with hanging holes for both orientations. This solution is ideal for large scale canvas production, therefore Adventa have refreshed the back finishing to accommodate space for barcode visibility. This means that production staff can easily scan the product to get the delivery information.

To complement and fulfil the process Adventa have designed a durable Mail Safe box for ease and safe dispatch of the canvases. This premium engineered presentation carrier suits a range of canvas sizes and enables production teams to essentially assemble & dispatch a canvas to their customer’s extremely fast and efficiently.

This process not only saves production time and costs but the end result is a canvas with a far superior look, with neat corners, a taught frontage and a gallery wrap thickness. The solution has already been successful for a range of existing customers...

Dunns Imaging, have been in the photography business since the 1920’s and have been producing the Adventa QuickPro ArtWrap™ canvas wrap virtually from its launch:

“The concept and design of the product enables us to produce a quality looking product with a reduced production time from traditional canvas wrap production.

The sturdy build quality of the Adventa QuickPro canvas wrap has meant that there has been reduced damage in transit and with the high volume we produce a lack of complaints suggests the end client is very happy with the end product.

Having the auto stapler means we can produce high volumes and various sizes easily.
The Quickpro canvas has an easy assembly and along with the black back board enables the product to be finished and ready to hang without any fuss.

Where traditional canvas wraps are labour intensive the QuickPro canvas wrap enable us to produce hundreds a day.” States Martin Prosser, Product Director

This is Mass canvas production made easy! 

For more information then please contact us on or call us to discuss on +44 (0) 1686 625100

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