Frequently Asked Question

How easy are your products to make?

Very simple and fast to make, take a look for yourself! We have over 50 different ‘how-to’ video all on our Adventa YouTube channel


Can I have a special made product?

As we are designer and manufacturer, we can make specials! Please contact your account manager directly and we can discuss the details with you on +44 (0) 1686 625100 or


I’m based in USA – can I order form you?

Yes, we have warehouse facilities in New Jersey, USA, so please contact us directly on (TOLL FREE) 1 877 260 8930 or


Where can I see all your products?

Every year we attend exhibition all over the world, however we also have an on line catalog which has most of our products or at our website


Can I have a catalog?

Our catalogue is on-line and you can see this by clicking on or on our website


Do you have retail packed products?

Yes we do, we have a full range of our products in retail packaging, please see the retail packed section of our website for the full product range


Will you help me to display products?

Yes we have a wide selection of point of sale options available, please contact your account manager directly to discuss the options further, or see the POS section of the website