A new product from Adventa, tastier than ever before!

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Photo Chocolate Bar Production In-Store

Discover our new personalised chocolate bar solution - the easiest way of creating personalised chocolate bars in-store easily, quickly and cost efficiently. 

This Christmas, your customers can say something meaningful with the art of chocolate. This novel & Photo Chocolate Bar - Perfect Gift for Christmas! delicious photo gift is made in Wales and is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Customer's will find it hard not to share with this new personalised chocolate gift where they can surprise and delight a chocoholic with a wrapper featuring their favourite photo and special words. This is the unique keepsake for a chocolate lover. 

The Adventa Chocolate Bar Solution - Adding photos to chocolate, made simple... 

With this solution you can print photo wrappers, for wrapping on chocolate.  

How do you put the photo on the chocolate? 

Well this clever photo chocolate bar holds a 6 x 8" photo perfectly. To provide a neat, tight wrap that is securely in place we have also created the Rapid Chocolate Creaser where you can fold the 6 x 8 print in 4 places to create a tight and neat wrap around the bar. This unique creaser works as: 

Step 1 - Preparing the photo  

Insert the print so it reaches the neck at the back. Line up against the edge on the left

Step 2 - Creating the creases 

Pull the ergonomic handle downwards to the furthest point 

Creating a photo chocolate bar - creasing photo paper

Step 3 - Keeping it secure 

Roll two thin strips of adhesive down the ends of one of the print, wrap tightly around the bar to keep secure. 

Making a photo chocolate bar - securing the print

Step 4 - Finishing the photo chocolate bar 

Wrap the print around the chocolate bar tightly and press adhesive side down to keep secure. Ready to give. 

Photo Chocolate | Adventa

This simple and easy process means you can create a unique gift they'll love with their own personal message and photos. It's a product that everyone loves, and your adding meaning to it - it is a guarantee success. With our easy to create solution you can easily create these items in-store, on site efficiently meaning you don't have to make your customers wait or come back. 

What is the chocolate like? 

The chocolate bar is Luxury Belgian chocolate handcrafted in Wales. Using 34% cocoa for a dreamy smooth taste and rich cocoa beans which leaves a soft melting texture & delicious sweet taste. 

Photo Chocolate - Why invest? A great gift for any occasion

Photo Chocolate - The ultimate gift - How to make photo chocolate bars in storeEveryone loves chocolate! Plus it is the perfect way to say Happy Birthday, to say thank you, to give as a personalised photo chocolate wedding favour, to say Merry Christmas and Happy Easter, to say I love you at Valentine's Day and to give a treat to mum's on Mother's Day. The opportunities are endless... 

Want to order? Product Information below: 

CH68 - Chocolate Bar - Packed in 50 

Note: They are individually wrapped in smart retail packaging with ingredient information on as well as the use by date. 

These bulk chocolate bars come in a range of quantities and are packed in 50. For safety please store in a cool, dry place away room direct sunlight. 

CHRC68 - Chocolate Bar Rapid Creaser 6 x 8" 

GTD08 - Roll-It Glue Tape Dispenser - Use our handy Roll-it dispenser to place the adhesive easily on the print

If you are interested in ordering these bulk chocolate bars to create a unique gift then don't hesitate to get into contact with us at sales@adventa.com 

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