Introducing the New School Pencil Case - Available Now!

2/16/2018  |  Default

This is a pencil case that a child can be proud of! These stylish cases have an easy carry handle at the top and can hold a 4 x 6" print so they can make it unique to them. The child can use their favourite photo, hand drawn or painted picture or a pretty pattern cut from wrapping paper to decorate it and make it special to them. There are many creative possibilities! 

This fun customisable pencil case is brilliant for stationery lovers! It features a double sided pen & pencil holder, as well as one large storage compartment for holding small scissors, compasses, and small rulers. 

Your customer's can buy this Personalised Pencil Case to take to school & stand out from the rest. It is Pink School Pencil Case - Holds Photoavailable in a popular bright blue with a lime green trim or pink with a dark pink trim. 

It is a stand out item ideal for a Back To School campaign. 

View further details about the product here HERE.  

School Pencil Case Storage
Pencil Case - Personalisable

These are available in stock now. If you are interested in Buying Pencil Cases from Adventa please contact us at  or +44 (0) 1686 625100 and reference the below product references:

APC46-BE - Blue Pencil Case

APC46-PK - Pink Pencil Case 

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