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12/1/2016  |  Default

The Classic Snowflake 

Adventa’s 2016 Christmas decoration range has seen the addition of the new Classic Snowflake. This versatile product comes with a magnetic back ideal for making any fridge festive or with silver string for hanging to decorate a tree.
Adventa Classic Snowflake Magnet
Adventa Classic Snowflake Magnet On Fridge
Simply stunning in appearance, reflecting light just like a crystal, these stunning Christmas ornaments are perfect for making personalised
decorations or gifts. They neatly hold a classic size photo at 45 x 70mm (1-3/4 x 2 ¾”) perfectly in the middle and can be used landscape or portrait.
Available in wholesale quantities and coming in packs of 250. These easy to make ornaments take just 12 seconds to create by following these simple steps:


#1 – Place the image inside the Snowflake

 Classic Snowflake How to Make Step 1

#2 – Insert window and push down firmly

 Classic Snowflake Magnet How to Make Step 2

#3 – Ready to use or give as gift

Classic Snowflake Magnet How to Make Step 3

We also have a range of solutions to help make things easier for you and to increase your production.  This product can be used with our accompanying Hand Held Classic Photo Cutter which has been designed to show what you’re cutting to make it easy. This cutter is strong and durable with quick and easy action and an ergonomic rubber grip.
Classic Size Photo Cutter
If you print at the Classic size we also have a range of other products that fit this size.
VisionBlox Classic Size - Mini Acrylic Photo BlockIf you are looking for a premium picture frame then check out our luxury VisionBlox. This cute acrylic block is hand finished with a high gloss edge and is available in packs of 20. Taking just 12 seconds to make this will make you meet your customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently. They look great on a desk or shelf, even in a retail setting where they make excellent retail signs.
Or if you are looking for a promotional item at the classic print size then our Classic Keyring is perfect. It is renowned for its durability and long-life, featuring premium hard-wearing stay-clear plastic and uses an ultra-tough nylon, ‘lie-‘flat’ patented connector.
Classic Keyring
To search the full range by classic size or to select other print sizes then search our Insert Size Search filter here and select your desired size on the left hand side filter.

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