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Acrylic Star Ornament sheet-UV

  • !!!Proprietory A3 DTS sheets, where the parts are pre-cut and pre-jigged.!!Place the sheet directly into the DTS printer, print a barcode for reference next to the part if required, and assemble in 1-2 seconds using our fast-load components!!
  • !!Speedy customisation with no need to place parts individually into printers or sublimation presses, saving hours of production time!!
  • !!!Components are held in place until printed, ready to twist out!!
  • !!!Multiple finishes available: white acrylic, clear acrylic for reverse print and high gloss, or wood!!
  • !!!Supplied ready with all components, ready to place straight into your printer, for rapid production times on small components!!
  • !!!12 parts per sheet, can be printed double sided
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Acrylic Star Ornament sheet-UV
Acrylic Star Ornament sheet-UV
Acrylic Star Ornament sheet-UV

per box

3.7 x 3.7'' 95 x 95mm



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