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Keyrings and Magnets

Whether you’re looking to stock a soft-touch material, metal or durable plastic, our keyrings are all made with wear and scratch-resistant, quality materials, ensuring that our products last a lifetime. You can also choose from a range of colours, dimensions and shapes. With the added option of customising keyrings with landmark images, our products make for unique, special keepsakes that will add value in your retail store and catch the eye online too. But why just order customisable keyrings? We also boast a range of personalised fridge magnets that are ideal for immortalising special occasions. Our personalised magnets can be wholesale ordered in various shapes and sizes across both portrait and landscape settings Photos aren’t the only thing you can customise our fridge magnets (or even our keyrings) with. Swap out the personal effects for your business information, and now you have a clever branding, merchandising or promotional tool - perfect for use at exhibitions, or for customer outreach. The majority of our range is made in the UK and uses durable Stay Clear™ Plastic or our unique patented nylon connectors, minimising customer quality issues, complaints and returns. Place your wholesale order today.