Wholesale Blank Photo Keyrings

Bulk Keyrings

Our range of empty blank Keyrings are produced using superior wear resistant materials, delivering you high quality finished products. The hard-wearing designs use a patented locking nylon connector pioneered by us. These popular and useful shaped wholesale keyrings are versatile and easy to use.

Wholesale Keyrings

Our photo keyrings, like all Adventa products, are designed and made in the UK, from industry leading professionals. Our products are ready to use, have great durability and deliver the highest quality to your customers.

At Adventa we pride ourselves on efficiency that does not compromise quality. This means that we deliver wholesale instant products to you, so that you can deliver high quality products quickly ad effectively to your customers. These products make great gifts!

Our Fashion Keyring fits the popular UK passport size photo and lets you use our own designed frame, allowing hundreds of design opportunities. The Ideal Keyring says it all, it is perfect for many promotional uses and features an ideal modern design and features the same proportion as photos and postcards.

This line of Adventa products are available in wholesale and trade quantities and are expertly packed with care in uniform quantities to avoid scratching. Our products deliver the high standards, quality and unique creativity of Adventa to your customers. They are available in a range of shapes and dimensions to offer your customers a great choice to suit their photos. Whether it is their holidays, wedding photos, family portraits, pets or even that special selfie, your customers will be delighted to display their memories and moments in these durable & long lasting Keyrings.

Just Add Print to our Blank Keyrings

Our photo keyrings range from home and living to the leisure and tourism industries, providing you with the perfect blank products to complete with print, text and photographs. We stock a huge range of other products including blank fridge magnets, photo Christmas decorations and wholesale frames. Contact us today for more information on our products, prices, stock levels and delivery.