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Picturing a Greener Environment

Adventa is committed to implementing an environmental management system to control our environmental responsibilities effectively, where materials are sustainably sourced, packed and supplied.


Our Initiatives


We have installed 396 solar panels on our new roof to provide us with clean energy. The solar panels produce up to 100KW of energy, in an average month this produces just over 20% of our total power requirement


Although we strive to reduce packaging wherever possible, when we do get packaging waste we ensure it's recycled. On average we recycle 10 tons of cardboard waste per year! We also use the plastic waste in our products wherever possible. Our 2 top selling lines have 13% and 17% respectively of recycled content recycled inline automatically


We ensure with all our outer packaging we only use paper packing and we also re-use waste packaging rather than sending to landfill. We also ensure that 90% of all the boxes we use are FSC certified. We are currently researching new and innovative ways to make our packaging more environmentally friendly by ensuring we are creating packaging made from sustainable sources or recycled content


We now use a closed loop water system for production, therefore our production water usage is now close to zero


Whilst we manufacture the majority of our range here in the UK we do have shipments from overseas also to bring you a wide range of novelty photo gifts. When we do ship from overseas we do consolidated shipments only reducing the frequency of shipping. We also ensure this by improving the accuracy of our stock forecasting. We avoid flying raw materials wherever possible


We ensure we only use movement sensitive LED lighting in our warehouse to keep energy levels low