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QuickPro Auto Stapler

  • Exponentially increase your production!&edsp;&edsp;
  • Easy and fast to align your Quick Pro
  • Ability to change sizes in seconds
  • Makes up to 200 Quick Pros per hour professionally
  • Quick Pro Auto requires air feed at 75 PSI
  • For more information please contact your Account Manager&edsp;
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QuickPro Auto Stapler
QuickPro Auto Stapler QuickPro Auto Stapler

How To

The accompanying QuickPro Auto Stapler has evolved and now makes canvas production even more efficient with the built in corner cutter! Designed to exponentially increase your production by the ease and speed in which it allows you to align your QuickPro, staple it and neatly cut the corners in one fell swoop. Reducing the amount of human interaction required it also has the ability to change sizes in seconds, meaning you can make up to 150 QuickPro canvases per hour professionally.

per box

25-9/16 X 37-3/8 X 9-7/16'' (w)650 X (h)950 X (d)240mm



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