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    • 5 Innovations That Will Keep Photo Printing Alive

      5 Innovations That Will Keep Photo Printing Alive

      Today, people are taking more pictures than ever, but fewer of them end up as printed photographs. Still, technical innovation is changing aspects of the print industry and injecting it with new energy and possibilities, keeping photo printing alive.

      In this post, Adventa shares the five most innovative photo printing technologies and products that are keeping the print industry interesting.

      5 Photo Printing Innovations

      These key innovations will prove important for the photo print industry as it goes forward.

      1. Mobile Ordering Platforms: The growth of mobile ordering platforms makes it possible for smartphone users to easily purchase photo and canvas prints and albums, suggesting mobile will be a big part of the photo industry's future.
      2. Album Design Software: New software helps streamline album design, giving customers more creative capabilities in photo layout and graphic design. The ability to crop, edit and add graphics and captions to photos gives users artistic options.
      3. Artificial Intelligence Software: AI photo editors can detect a subject in an image, enhance it, remove, and replace the background around it, apply effects, colour correct, and more. This makes it fun and easy to alter and adjust photos as the user desires.
      4. Web-to-Print Commerce: Customers can now order an endless list of personalised merchandise online, including everything from photo reproductions, décor items, apparel, mugs, and gifts.
      5. New Photo Products: While individual print sales have declined, wall art, stretched canvas, adhesive fabric decals, and large prints are growing in popularity. People are no longer printing every photograph they take, but they are printing their favourites out on larger and more interesting products.

      Innovative Photo Printing Products

      We have an excellent range of products that will allow your customers to use their creativity to make photo-printed objects that they love. Perfect as gifts for friends and family or even company-branded merchandise, our bulk and trade quantity products are made with high-quality materials to bring joy to your customers for years to come. 

      Below are some great products to take advantage of these innovative photo printing trends:

      1. Keyrings and Magnets: Our range of shaped, rectangular, metal and reclaimed plastic keyrings and magnets give your customers many options to keep their loved ones close to them at all times.
      2. Desk Décor: With most people spending around eight hours at their desks, our personalisable desk décor is the perfect way to spruce up that space with a favourite photo.
      3. Wall Art: With canvas prints, glass mounts, vision walls and more available, our easily personalised wall art will brighten up any home or office space.
      4. Seasonal Decorations: Our baubles, snowglobes and other assorted festive decorations offer the perfect opportunity to get creative with your photographs.
      5. Educational and Craft Products: Want to get the little ones involved in some photo printing creativity? Our range of educational and craft-focused products is a great way to get children creative, and the functional end products will decorate their desks for the school year.
      6. Desk and Stationery: Children aren’t the only ones who can get creative with their stationery - we have a desk and stationery range for adults too. So you can get artistic with your desk supplies and showcase your talents or your personality to your colleagues.

      Conclusion on Photo Printing Innovations

      While people may not be printing every photograph they take anymore, they are getting creative with the way that they use their photos. People want to feel connected to the ones they love and want to make their space beautiful and unique.

      That’s why our personalisable product range is so popular. It allows people to create whatever they want, on small or large products, from keyrings to large wall canvases. The options are endless, and interesting options will keep the print business alive.

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    • Best Trade Shows for Retailers Around the World

      Best Trade Shows for Retailers Around the World

      Trade shows are an excellent space to focus on sourcing, networking, lead generating and more. Expos are where industry leaders determine and define trends and professionals learn more about their industry before adding new products to their inventory. With this in mind, Adventa has made the ultimate list of international trade exhibitions that provide retailers with excellent SKU opportunities and much, much more.

      20 Best Trade Expos

      There are trade exhibitions for just about every industry under the sun, and they’re hosted across the world. This list of trade shows covers many product categories and countries, but only includes the best of the best. For each of these expos, we have listed when and where the upcoming trade fair will take place, how many exhibitors will be present, the main product categories, the cost of admission, and how long the trade show has been running. This information will direct you to the expos that suit your needs. Here are the 20 best and biggest trade shows around the world, in no particular order:


      Inhorgenta Munich

      This international trade show is Europe’s leading platform for jewellery, gemstones and watches. In addition, Inhorgenta Munich offers expert lectures and panel discussions, giving visitors a chance to engage in and learn about emerging industry trends.

      When: February 24–27, 2023

      Where: Trade Fair Center Messe, Munich, Germany

      Exhibitors: 730+

      Product Categories: Jewellery, gemstones and watches

      Cost of admission: Starting from £24.00

      Running since: 1974


      Canton Fair, Autumn

      As one of the biggest trade shows in the world, this impressive fair complex hosts 8 shows with 50 exhibition sections. Almost every industry you can think of is represented in the Canton Fair exhibitions in China.

      When: 15 October - 4 November 2022

      Where: Canton Fair Complex, Guangdong Province, China

      Exhibitors: 26 000+

      Product Categories: Varied

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: 1957


      BETA International

      Beta International is the world’s leading equestrian, pet and country trade show.

      This year, the British Equestrian Trade Association is supporting RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) through their fair, making it even more worthwhile to visit.

      When: 11 - 13 September 2022

      Where: Naec, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire UK

      Exhibitors: 150+

      Product Categories: Equestrian, pet and country

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: Over 30 years



      This fascinating food fair is the largest food and beverage sourcing event in the world. Gulfood has always driven creativity and innovation, and this year they are focussing on solutions for global issues, with some of the world’s greatest chefs charting the way forward.

      When: 20 - 24 February 2023

      Where: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      Exhibitors: 5000+

      Product Categories: Food and beverage

      Cost of admission: £23.00

      Running since: 1987



      Intergift is an international gift and decoration fair at which the majority of visitors are Spanish speaking but are representative of over 79 countries. In addition, Intergift allows visitors to engage in workshops, activities and talks by experts in the field, so that you can get first-hand information.

      When: 14 - 18 September 2022

      Where: Avda. del Partenón, Madrid, Spain

      Exhibitors: 840+

      Product Categories: Decoration and gifts

      Cost of admission: Free to £25.00, depending

      Running since: 1979


      MAGIC Las Vegas

      MAGIC Las Vegas is a high-energy fashion expo, home to the largest selection of contemporary fashion, sportswear, footwear and accessories. MAGIC prides itself on its platform bringing together retail buyers, media, influencers, and industry thought leaders.

      When: 13 - 15 February 2023

      Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

      Exhibitors: 500+

      Product Categories: Fashion, sportswear, footwear, accessories

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: 1989


      Canadian National Exhibition

      The Canadian National Exhibition is so much more than just a fair. With an over 140 year history, CNE hosts between 1.4 to 1.6 million visitors every year. These visitors come to the fair for the ultimate shopping experience indoors and outdoors, as well as the casino, music shows, gaming garage and more. For professionals, CNE represents growth and innovation.

      When: 19 August - 5 September 2022

      Where: Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Exhibitors: 700+

      Product Categories: Varied

      Cost of admission: £9.30

      Running since: 1879


      International Tourism & Travel Show

      With over 40 conferences, question panels, international cuisine and entertainment, the International Tourism and Travel Show is an excellent opportunity to soak up the freshest takes on tourism and travel.

      When: 28 - 30 October 2022

      Where: Palais des Congrès Montréal, Montréal, Canada

      Exhibitors: 400+

      Product Categories: Travel and tourism

      Cost of admission: £13.50

      Running since: 1983


      Texworld Evolution Paris

      This exhibition’s aim is in the name - the focus here is on the evolution and innovation of the textile, fashion and beauty industries. An excellent space for sourcing, Texworld Paris offers a huge selection of products, representative of the best and most enduring trends and brands.

      When: 6 - 8 February 2023

      Where: Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, Paris, France

      Exhibitors: 400+

      Product Categories: Fashion, beauty and textiles

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: 1997


      AAHAR – The International Food & Hospitality Fair

      One of Asia’s leading food and hospitality fairs, AAHAR offers sourcing professionals an excellent opportunity to explore the produce of global vendors.

      When: 14 - 18 March 2023

      Where: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

      Exhibitors: 500+

      Product Categories: Food and hospitality

      Cost of admission: £3.20

      Running since: 1986


      International Production & Processing Expo

      IPPE centres on the concepts of innovation, education, global reach and networking. Bringing together buyers and sellers of the latest and greatest products and services to make your business successful, this historic expo is one of the best places to source for the animal food industry.

      When: 24 - 26 January 2023

      Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA

      Exhibitors: 1150+

      Product Categories: Animal food industry

      Cost of admission: £106.00

      Running since: 1948


      International Food & Drink Event

      The IFE is the UK’s top food and beverage event. So if your organisation is looking for an event closer to home, this is the ideal space to sample and source the latest innovations from over 1200 international and UK suppliers.

      When: 20 - 22 March 2023

      Where: ExCeL London, London, UK

      Exhibitors: 1260+

      Product Categories: Food and drinks

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: Over 40 years


      Scotland’s Trade Fair

      If you’re planning to stock up on your seasonal products, Scotland’s Trade Fair is the place to be. Relatively local, the exhibitors at this fair are from Scotland and other areas of the UK. So if you want to stock local, this trade fair is the perfect place to explore.

      When: 18 - 19 September 2022

      Where: SEC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, Scotland

      Exhibitors: 200+

      Product Categories: Gift and food

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: 1985



      The world’s leading construction fair, Bauma, is held once every three years. This large-scale exhibition boasts the newest technologies and industry insights and is a must-visit for sourcing professionals in the construction industry.

      When: 24 - 30 October 2022

      Where: Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany

      Exhibitors: 3000+

      Product Categories: Construction

      Cost of admission: Starting from £25.00

      Running since: 1954


      The One Milano

      This trade show has modernised its platform by taking its offerings online. Both physical and digital, The One Milano allows vendors to utilise the online market, as well as the networking opportunities that trade shows have traditionally offered.

      When: 18 - 20 September 2022

      Where: Fiero Milano Rho, Milan, Italy

      Exhibitors: 120+

      Product Categories: Fashion and footwear

      Cost of admission: Free

      Running since: 1996


      IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin)

      One of the oldest industrial expos in Germany, IFA is well established in the industrial space. IFA offers an exciting and diverse program, with conferences and expert forums, award ceremonies, IFA entertainment, and much more.

      When: 2 - 6 September 2022

      Where: Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds, Berlin, Germany

      Exhibitors: 1650+

      Product Categories: Industrial

      Cost of admission: Starting from £36.00

      Running since: 1924


      Dhaka International Trade Fair

      Hosted through January every year, Dhaka starts the year off with a bang for the consumer products industry. With a huge variety in the finest local and foreign products, many different industries are able to source products at this event.

      When: 1 - 31 January 2023

      Where: Bangladesh China Friendship Exhibition Centre at Purbachal, Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Exhibitors: 225+

      Product Categories: Various consumer products

      Cost of admission: £0.50

      Running since: 1995



      EuroShop is a huge retail fair that takes place in Germany every year. Focussing on eight major aspects of retail, this expo is the ultimate space to network with and source from the best of the best.

      When: 26 February - 2 March 2023

      Where: Düsseldorf exhibition halls, Düsseldorf, Germany

      Exhibitors: 2200+

      Product Categories: Retail

      Cost of admission: £50.00

      Running since: 1966



      This conference claims to be the most influential tech event in the world, making CES a crucial place to be for all consumer electronics retailers. Showcasing manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more, this fair will ensure that your organisation is on the cutting edge.

      When: 5 - 8 January 2022

      Where: Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada, USA

      Exhibitors: 4500+

      Product Categories: Consumer electronics

      Cost of admission: £85.00

      Running since: 1967


      Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg Toy Fair

      Meet key contacts and cultivate relationships with the top toy and games manufacturers and suppliers in the world at Spielwarenmesse. This event includes a varied program of events to ensure that you make the most of this excellent business opportunity.

      When: 1 - 5 February 2023

      Where: NürnbergMesse GmbH, Messezentrum Nuremberg, Germany

      Exhibitors: 2700+

      Product Categories: Toys and games

      Cost of admission: Starting from £17.00

      Running since: 1959

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    • Experiential Retail | What, Why & How

      Experiential Retail | What, Why & How

      As online shopping becomes increasingly popular and common, the death knell of the physical retail industry might be expected. However, the industry is tenacious and innovative, and alternative models are being considered and implemented across the globe.


      Experiential retail is one of the new forms of retail that has popped up in recent years. But what is it, and what does it offer businesses and consumers? In this post, Adventa explores the concept of experiential retail, how it works, what it costs, and which retailers are doing it well. Keep reading to understand what experiential retail is.

      What is experiential retail?

      Experiential retail, also known as “retailtainment”, is a marketing strategy in which physical stores offer their customers experiences that go beyond browsing and buying. Through exclusive in-store events and services, as well as engaging staff and technologies, the customer is given a memorable experience that elevates retail shopping.


      Experiential retail is a reconstructed take on retail that focuses on the customer's experience. As the ease of online shopping becomes an increasingly important feature of retail, brick-and-mortar stores have been required to adjust the way they do things. Creating engaging, tactile experiences that customers cannot experience online is the cornerstone of experiential retail.

      How does experiential retail work?

      Retail experiences work by offering the customer something out of the ordinary. The way that this is done can differ from store to store, or shopping centre to shopping centre. However, there are a few things to focus on when creating a retail shopping experience.


      Experiential retailing prioritises customer engagement over sales. Stimulating the senses and defying customer expectations, these experiences are immersive and interactive. As people share so much of their lives on social media, these experiences should also be shareable. Setting up a fantastic photo opportunity in your store is a great way to invite people in, and your business will benefit from the free marketing.


      An omnichannel approach is another important element of experiential retail. Technology has changed the way we live our lives, and people want to incorporate it into the way they buy. Offering omnichannel options for purchasing allows the customer to buy from wherever they are, making the shopping experience seamless and simple. Statistics show that 73% of consumers use multiple channels to shop, making an omnichannel approach an important strategy for any business.


      Lastly, experience retail focuses on the consumer's needs and nurtures communities. While technology may make our lives easier, they also make us more isolated. If a store can focus on building a community within its target audience, they are more likely to create return customers and a valuable community.

      Which retailers are doing it well?

      If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are the five retailers that are making waves with their retail experiences:

      1. Apple
      2. IKEA
      3. Farfetch
      4. Huda Beauty
      5. House of Vans

      What is the cost of experiential retail?

      The cost of experience retail can differ hugely. Large companies with big budgets can typically do more, but small retailers have plenty to offer too. It’s all about offering personalised experiences and immersing your customers in your brand identity. So focus on what your brand has to say and carry that over to the consumer.

      Will experiential retailing save the high street?

      According to research carried out by PwC, approximately 1,200 stores closed on Britain’s top 500 high streets in the first half of 2019, making everyone nervous that the end of brick-and-mortar was close. Then the pandemic hit, and people couldn’t actually visit physical stores for a while.


      The forced hiatus from in-store shopping and the vigour with which many high street shops are turning to experiential retail is giving many hope for British high streets. With more stores offering customers valuable, fresh, engaging opportunities for real-world interaction, high street could become an even more interesting space for retail, and more.

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    • Custom Photo Keychain Available Now | Adventa

      Custom Photo Keychain - New blank
      Keyring and Magnet available now


      We have recently grown our photo keyring & blank magnet range with two new luxury metal accessories. These premium metal Keyring & Magnets have a luxury weight and feel to them and make ideal personalised gifts – great as stocking fillers and as gifts for friends, colleagues and employees!
      Each picture keychain can hold an insert of 45 x 70mm. The sizes are just right and can be attached to keys without making them too bulky!
      The metal photo keyring is a great way to take your favourite photo with you wherever you go. It has a premium nickel back so this single-sided keyring holds one classic photo. Use the keychain to display a family moment, a loved one or use it as a promotional item to enhance your brand's image.
      The magnet is premium looking and strong so it will stay firmly on the fridge and make it look smart! So you can choose to carry your picture keychain with you or keep it on the fridge, where it can earn its keep by holding up your favourite restaurant's menu.

      These have easy quick assemble times so you can produce them at home or in-store for your customers in a matter of seconds. No lead times or collection times are required… deliver to your customer there and then instantly. Read below to find out how easy it is to make these photo keychains

      How to make your custom photo keychains
      Step 1 - Insert your print between the window and the metal back

      Step 2 - Press the clip down and place the open hook through the hole at the top

      Step 3 - Use or give!

      These two new accessories are available now - To contact us for pricing please email [email protected] or call us on 01686 625100
      We produce a wide range of blank photo magnets & keyrings so why not view our whole range here


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    • How To Package A Canvas Painting | Adventa
      How To Package A Canvas Painting | Adventa

      Adventa explains how to package and ship a canvas painting so that it arrives at your customers' door undamaged. Find out more and buy canvas and packaging online



      How to package a canvas painting

      Brand sentiment doesn’t end once a customer hands over their money. A seller's job isn’t done until the customer has the product in their hands and is happy.

      That's why we've designed the QuickPro Mail Safe ArtWrap Box to guarantee that your canvas art will be delivered to your customers safely and securely.


      What are flat boxes?

      Flat boxes refer to boxes that haven't been built yet. All our canvas boxes come unassembled (or flat), but don't worry, the 'fold and lock' function means your boxes can be ready for shipping within minutes.


      How to package a canvas

      This stress-free box is straightforward to build, so if you are making canvases in large volumes, then it's ideal. Just follow these instructions:

      • Lift the lid upwards and over.
      • Slide the lid's tab into the slot at the front of the box.
      • The box is then ready for labelling & dispatch.


      How do I post a large canvas?

      We provide canvas packaging of varying sizes, so all you have to do is order the size appropriate to the size of the canvas you’re planning to create and dispatch to your customers.

      The box is big enough to enable a 3.9cm thick canvas to lie neatly and securely within the box. Here’s a full list of sizes and product references we can supply:


      Why buy your canvas packaging from Adventa?

      If you're looking for cost-effective packaging boxes for canvas prints that are easy to assemble and dispatch for your production staff, look no further than the QuickPro ArtWrap Mail Safe Box from Adventa.

      The extra side supports keep canvases safe from crumple zones and promise durability thanks to their thickness.

      The side of the boxes has been designed so that the three smallest boxes can hold multiple canvas sizes. Either pull over the laps flat to hold the largest size or fold over into a square tube to create thicker sides for the smaller sizes.

      This economical packaging box for canvas prints is ideal for swift packaging and sending your customers prints safely so they can hang their memories easily.

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    • 7 Essential Home Office Supplies For Businesses | Adventa
      7 Essential Home Office Supplies For Businesses | Adventa

      Adventa highlights how personalised equipment helps businesses connect with their remote workers while providing what’s needed for effective working



      7 essential home office supplies for businesses

      When you sell office supplies to businesses, you must choose something that makes you stand out from your competitors' offerings. With the rise in remote working, you have a fantastic opportunity to help your customers provide their employees with home office essentials with a difference.

      Home office supplies with a difference

      Historically, most office supplies have been personalised with company branding, mainly the logo. This was, and still is, a fine idea, but some home-working employees may not want company branding everywhere at home. Instead, they may prefer something that's tailored to their tastes and home office decor.

      When you partner with Adventa, you can help your customers go one step further and provide their employees with office equipment that they will really appreciate.

      Here's how you can help your customers level up their employees home office supplies:


      7 home office supplies employees will love


      1)  Personalised notepads

      From taking notes during a Zoom meeting to jotting down creative ideas and more, who doesn’t love a notepad? For employees who are often out and about, there’s our Notebook Classic, and for office-bound employees, there’s our Designa Journal which includes both lined and unlined pages. There’s also our Notebook with a spiral spine for easy use.

      Businesses can invest in these for their employees and either leave the insert blank so that the employee can personalise it themselves, or send in a picture of them at a recent work event, for example, for you to insert on their behalf.

      Shop our full range of notebooks here.


      2)  Post-it note holder

      In addition to a high-quality notebook, every home office needs a supply of post-it notes, perfect for jotting reminders while on the phone and placed where they are easily seen and actioned the next day. They also make a great visual if you have to break a large project down into smaller steps.

      In addition to every office needing post-it notes, they also need a post-it note holder so that they are always at hand when needed. Whether business owners want to invest in a short or tall post-it note holder, you can find it here. Again, a business can add an image themselves, such as an encouraging quote, request you to do this for them, or leave this blank for their employee to fill themselves.

      Shop our full range of post-it note holders here.


      3)  Pen pot

      While the office pen thief may no longer be a problem for home office workers, employees still need a place to store their pens and pencils.

      We have a stunning slim pen pot that holds pens and pencils as well as post-it notes, the perfect choice for anyone short on desk space.

      We also have a trio pen pot which is a fantastic choice for employees who are pen hoarders and need a place to house them all. If businesses want to personalise these to their employees' tastes, there are three opportunities with this particular pen pot.

      Shop our full range of pen pots here.


      4)  Pens

      Of course, businesses could fill the pen pot themselves, providing their employees with truly everything they need to start work. This snazzy little pen will give a three-sixty view of any image, whether chosen by the business or employees themselves.

      Shop our full range of pens here.


      5)  Mouse mats

      Mouse Mats are a must for essential office supplies, and there are plenty to choose from at Adventa. Employees can tailor their mats to their deskspace with three different sizes available.

      The wipe-clean surface and non-slip backing make our mouse mats as functional as they are beautiful.

      Shop our full range of mouse mats here.


      6)  Coaster

      What home office is complete without a coaster? Square ones, round ones, we have the lot. You also have the option of purchasing assembled and unassembled boxes to safely and securely post them to your customers (a must for our glass coasters).

      Once again, personalisation is extremely easy and can be done yourself on behalf of the customer, themselves, or their employees.

      Shop our full range of coasters here.


      7)  Water bottle

      Water is miraculous. It keeps us hydrated, feeling refreshed, energised, and can even help us concentrate. And so, a water bottle is the perfect gift from an employer to an employee. What makes our water bottles even better is that they are easily customisable with the photo of the employer's or employee's choice.

      Shop our full range of water bottles here.


      Invest in our perfect home office kit

      We’re offering retailers and suppliers a ‘home office kit,’ which includes:


      6 x 9” blank notebooks

      This notebook is a perfect choice, with an easy to personalise cover which takes only ten seconds with a 6 x 9" photo or print. This notebook contains 120 pages of quality ruled paper; there's more than enough space for notes and diagrams, ideal for busy professionals. Thanks to the protective front cover, the inserted image will be safe from wear and tear.

      Available in boxes of 30.


      Trio pen pots

      This distinctive personalised pen pot with plenty of display area holds three images and is a must-have for a home office! It takes only 30 seconds to make without the need for any machinery.

      Available in boxes of 180.


      8 x 10” mouse mats

      Suitable for 8 x 10" prints and a perfect way for companies to stay connected with your employees at home. Fast and easy to create in ten seconds without any equipment. These mats come with a wipe-clean surface and non-slip backing.

      Available in boxes of 30.


      Black glass coasters

      Our stylish contemporary glass coaster has wide appeal and high priced value with customers. Ensuring the highest level of safety for your customers, we use toughened, heat resistant safety glass.

      This coaster holds an 80 x 80mm photo and takes eight seconds to make.

      The black coaster is included in our fabulous home office concept; alternatively, you can purchase it separately in boxes of 50.


       For more information regarding any of the individual products in our list of essential home office supplies or the Home Office Kit, please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected] or call us on 01686 625 100.

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    • Our Biggest launch of the year...
      Our Biggest launch of the year...

      The StickY-Frame, the easiest frame you’ll ever hang!

      The revolutionary Scandinavian-style frame is the perfect solution for fast and modern wall art, create a collage effortlessly with the removable and repositionable adhesive tabs.

      No mess, no fuss, no tools required to hang your photos, the StickY-Frame is a great solution for those who rent, the super lightweight frame leaves no marks or damage to the wall, StickY-Frames are designed for painted walls but work on many other surfaces.

      The StickY-Frame is made here in the UK and has been manufactured using a 100% recycled internal board and up to 50% recycled frame. Specialist removable adhesive pads can be supplied inside instruction packs to save production time or on a roll.

      Currently the StickY-Frame is available in 5x7 & 8x10 in black and white *Currently unavailable in the USA

      Download attached document

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    • StickY-Tile joins the StickY-Range!
      StickY-Tile joins the StickY-Range!


      Display your wall art with ease with the new StickY-Tile. Removable and repositionable up to 5 times without causing any damage to the surface, this tile is perfect for collages; it can also be used on flat surfaces with the desk stand, making it a truly versatile product. Only 5mm thick and super lightweight, the tile is made from 50% recycled material. To apply your print, simply fold back the adhesive label, align your print and press down on print and display. See this in action here

      Stick-Y Tile with Direct UV Print

      Like the Stick-Y Tile, the Stick-Y tile with UV printed form provides the ideal product for displaying your customers favourite memories. Floating only 4mm from the wall, the 5mm or 10mm thick board gives a consistent and pleasing look. Super lightweight and made from up to 50% recycled content, this truly flat, Arteco board is designed for direct-to-substrate print on top of a white surface. Like the Stick-Y tile, it can also be used on flat surfaces with the desk stand – making it the perfect solution to all situations.
      The StickY-Tile & StickY-Tile with direct UV print is available in boards of 5mm and 10mm thickness, 5x7”,6x6”, 6x8”, 8x8” and 8x10”, custom sizes available on demand and retail packaging available for your convenience.

      By Wilson | OSG Newtown

      Adventa are proud to promote ‘young minds’

      Download attached document

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    • U-Print – Making Manufacturing Lean!
      U-Print – Making Manufacturing Lean!

      U-Print – Making Manufacturing Lean!

      Our U-Print article has been created by a student from a local school, here at Adventa we recognise the importance of promoting young minds.

      The new U-Print range includes inserts for our Baubles, Snowdomes, Keyrings and Magnets. Manufactured in the UK, this innovative and FSC approved system makes manufacturing lean!
      Simply print your customer’s image, message and details onto the label sheet, and then remove it from the backing and insert into the bauble, it’s as swift and as easy as that. By also having everything on one sheet it means customers details are kept together, minimising the risk of human error. The U-Print Sheet will revolutionise your printing system as it eliminates the need for any cutting, and takes less than half the time to make.

      The available templates include:

      U-Print Bauble Sheet 
      Produce a beautiful bauble in just 5 seconds with the new U-Print Sheet Bauble! With everything you need all on one sheet, the process couldn’t be any easier! With the space to print 2 x 80mm dia Bauble inserts it is compatible with our existing and bestselling Bauble range and the label sheets are available in box quantities of 250 and take only 5 seconds to make!

      Check out the how to video here

      U-Print Classic and Passport Sheet
      The U-Print Classic and Passport Sheet can be used for any of our products that include a classic or passport insert. This provides a quick and easy way to make up our Keyrings, Magnets, Mini Blox, Luggage tags and much more! These sheets come in A3 size with 24 inserts for the classic size, and 42 inserts for the passport size, as well as a customer information box to keep all their details together and help reduce human error and speed things up. These take only 5 seconds to make and come in boxes of 500, all in all, slicing your production time down. 

      U-Print Multi Up
      Gain the ability to make up multiple products from just one sheet with the UPrint Multi-up label sheet! The A4 sheet has 1 x Bauble, 1 x Snow dome, 1 x Wallet, 2 x Classic and 2 x ideal inserts along with a customer information box all ready to be applied to your customer’s products in 5 seconds. This sheet is also available in US letter head (8.5x11“) with 1 x Bauble, 1 x Snow dome and 4 x Classic inserts. Between the two different size sheets and their varying contents, everyone is happy – and to top it all off, this is all made in the United Kingdom.

      By Arran Brown | OSG Newtown
      Adventa are proud to promote ‘young minds’

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    • The launch of the StickY-Range
      The launch of the StickY-Range

      The Stick-Y Range continues to grow with the newest addition of the StickY-Me. Taking the market by storm these adhesive pads allow the user to effortlessly hang art, prints and more on their walls without causing damage! The range currently includes the StickY-Canvas,
      StickY-Hook and the StickY-Me.

      The StickY–Range is suitable for use in workplaces, health care, hospitality and in the home. The StickY-Range requires No mess, No fuss, No tools! Removing the need for tools makes the StickY-Range easy to apply and suitable for every household!

      Hang canvases effortlessly with the StickY-Canvas! This environmentally friendly canvas is made from 90% recycled content, is 50% lighter in weight meaning they are cheaper to post and use less CO2 in transit.
      Simply peel off and place the highly adhesive pads then place the canvas in position, it’s as easy as that! The StickY-Canvas can be repositioned 5 times without causing damage to the surface underneath, making this the perfect solution for those residing in rental properties or student accommodation, redecorate whenever you like!

      Compatible with the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas Complete and QuickPro Auto Canvas from sizes 4 x 4 to 24 x 36”. The canvas is supper light weight whilst still being tough and durable, the design boasts high quality corners every time and anti-sag properties which means the structure does not loose integrity over time.
      For more information about StickY-Canvas watch here our amazing product video.

      StickY-Hook is a great way to display your customers hanging art, canvas and more. It works with all sizes, from 4 x 4” to 24 x 36”. Made of 100% recycled materials the StickY-Hook simply clips to the back of the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas and the QuickPro Canvas range so that it can be aligned and positioned on the wall with ease. The StickY-Hook is supplied with a full-length specialist repositionable adhesive and instruction card to follow. For more information about StickY-Hook watch here our amazing product video.

      StickY-Me works with prints and posters, helping your customers create the perfect display or collage. The adhesive edge is designed for painted wall but can work with a number of different surfaces, and once removed it leaves no residue unlike Blu-Tac or Sellotape!
      Retail packed for your convenience with custom brand packaging available for quantities above 2500. For more information about StickY-Me watch here our amazing product video.

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