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Monthly Archives: October 2016

    • Adventa: Revolutionizing the Product Landscape in Photographic Stores

      Helrot Oy first head about Adventas revolutionary and innovative products by the historic Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), the first full-scale printing company in Japan.

      Helrot Oy was founded in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland. They are specialists in providing the graphics and printing industry with tailored consulting services, technical support, software, printers, printing material amd machines and equipment. The important services and products needed in this industry to deliver the consumer the exact product of their request.

      As a professional organisation they are continuously looking for high quality finished products to provide to their customers and that is why they choose Adventa products.

      It was Adventas extensive range to choose from that initially attracted them.

      The luxury Glass Mount is proving a successful product for them due to their ease of use, and ability to blend in to most surroundings in a contemporary style.


      For them the most revolutionary product has been the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas system. Eduard, Managing Director comments The most valued benefit of the QuickPro range is that its easy and quick to assemble, easy to hand, light weight and requires little storage space.

      The new canvas system allows anyone, even beginners to make a canvas frame without years of experience. It is easy for a novice to learn how to create them from scratch. The light weight products makes it safe to use and easy to handle.

      The advantages of the product have resulted in positive and happy customers from Helrot Oy. For them it is a cost effective product as it does not require much training for their staff to be able to make a perfect canvas frame.

      Customers at first think it is made the traditional way until they realize it is very light weight and when they turn it around and inspect it in more detail.

      The Adventa range was available to see on their stand at the Helsinki Camera and Photography Fair, 4-6 March 2016 and had some strong, optimistic, reactions.

      So far the range has helped see an increase in sales over certain lines and they expect to see even larger increases once the new ranges have had time to establish themselves in the stores. 


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    • QuickPro ArtWrap delivers success to licensed product distributor

      How an iconic licensed product distributor found a better canvas system to suit their needs

      Adventa sit down with Trevor George, President of Trevco - US manufacturer & distributor of licensed products, ranging from popular DC comic licenses Batman and Superman right through to iconic Betty Boop.

      Trevor & Jim George, CEO of Trevco, first spotted the pioneering QuickPro ArtWrap at a US trade show.


      The QuickPro ArtWrap is an innovative canvas system which has been designed with quality in mind, featuring premium gallery wrap thickness and perfectly neat corners. Whilst also not compromising on efficacy, the system is exceptionally easy and quick to use, saving time and making it easy for production teams all across the world.

      Standard wooden bar canvas systems notoriously come at a premium cost and can be known for frequent quality issues with many canvases sagging in the middle and loosing tautness over time. The cost effective ArtWrap canvas system features can’t sag properties, meaning the canvas can stand the test of time as unique durable wall art at a cost effective price.

      Trevco’s goal was to expand their product selection with wall art and were looking for the superior quality & uniqueness that licensors would accept – and the QuickPro ArtWrap just had the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that they were looking for. 


      Trevor comments “The end product portrays an image of a high-end, high priced item yet the price is very affordable as compared to canvas with wood frames”

      Using a simple fold and lock construction method, the canvas is easy to make but is also very durable and strong and holds its shape faultlessly.

      We asked Trevor what he preferred about the QuickPro over normal wooden canvases and it was “Simplicity of construction, durability and value” that really stood out for him.


      Each canvas takes just under 2 minutes to make and only requires a pair of scissors and a stapler. For production teams this means less training required, an increase in production and due to the lightweight aspect of the canvas, decreases shipping costs.

      Frank Gadwell, Production Manager at Trevco adds “We have found the Adventa product to be a time saving and economical alternative to traditional canvas art framing. It not only allowed us to bring this manufacturing in house, it is also a better priced alternative than our previous production source. It also saves on shipping costs too! This is a big deal in this day and age of dimensional shipping.”
      With initial sales proving strong and optimistic, the outlook is looking bright for Trevco and the QuickPro range, Trevor says “We have definitely not even scratched the surface of potential with this product”

       To read more about the QuickPro range click here 

       To view their vintage, iconic range of products visit their website at: ttps://




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