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Monthly Archives: September 2017

    • Finding the Best Fridge Magnet

      How to choose the best Acrylic Fridge Magnet? 

      Firstly decide on the purpose of the magnet, will it be used as a promotional magnet where you need maximum space for branding? Do you have environmental goals where you have to be strict with plastic usage? Are you looking for a colourful magnet that will stand out to your consumers in a retail environment? Thinking of these factors will help you think about which style, size and shape to go for. 

      Then think about your selling pitch... are you trying to focus on hitting rock bottom prices or do you want to focus on a quality range. This will help you ascertain where you should purchase your magnets from. 

      Buying direct from china gives you a vast array of options and low cost products. Cost effective products may seem appealing at first but it may give you higher costs later on with damages & damages. 

      Why Buy Products from Adventa? 

      We are British manufacturers of a range of blank just add print products based in Mid-Wales. Our facilities comprise of a state of the machinery and automation that uses light out manufacturing techniques to operate around the clock. This investment enables us to compete in the global markets we increasingly serve. 

      By manufacturing blank products ourselves it means we control the whole manufacturing process from the specification, procurement of bulk materials, through design, manufacture and quality control to dispatch. 

      This means we can bring to you:

      • Innovatively designed products that make assembly quick for you 

      • Unique & novel designs which make your range stand out 

      • High quality & durable products that last a long time which reduce your compliant and return rate 

      • An order process that is fast and easy ensuring you receive your goods quickly 

      The Magnet Range 


      The Rectangle Magnets                                                          

      This popular range of blank acrylic fridge magnets are made using high quality plastic for excellent clarity and are scratch resistant. These are our best-selling range proven to sell fast! Made in our own factory means they are the market leaders in quality, ultra-clear, touch plastic and meticulous packing. The highlight of the range is the Classic Magnet, this features popular insert size 45 x 70mm and has an optional twist-out support stand in back to use as a mini-picture frame. 

      The Shaped Magnets 

      Our range of shaped magnets have excellent quality and a superb finish making ideal business promotional Squareitems. There round and square shapes mean that can really enhance your companys logo or core brand message meaning this fridge magnets can be a daily reminder of you and what youre about. 

      The Reclaim Magnets 

      RecycledThis range features 3 sparkling colours and this eco-friendly magnet ensures you can carry on meeting your sustainability goals. These clear magnets contains 50-90% recycled content. 

      The Colourful Magnets

      These Solo Mount Magnets are stylish, contemporary and have a wide appeal with customers. They are Colourfulavailable in a wide range of bright vibrant colours to choose from. As well as this they are super quick and fast to assemble and can be used landscape or portrait. They also feature a clever pull out stand so it can be placed on a desk or shelf as well as the fridge. This range is popular, clever and versatile!  

      There we have it our range of blank acrylic fridge magnets. We supply these in a range of wholesale bulk quantities & price bands to suit your needs and volumes. 

      We have over 20 photo magnets in our range and to view them all click here

      If you are interested in finding out more information, pricing or want to buy blank magnets from Adventa then please contact us on [email protected] 

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    • Which photo cutter is right for you?

      Which paper cutter is right for you?

      Most photographers & print studios find it frustrating cutting photographs and inkjet prints at the best of time. Having the ability to cut prints quickly, accurately and safely, can save you a lot of time and money. So lets look at the best ways to cut photo paper to maximise efficiency and accuracy.. 

      The most important factor to consider is the type of cutting you want to do? This is an extremely important factor on choosing the right photo cutter for your needs. If you are cutting individual photos out as and when you get orders then a precise hand held cutter may be the easiest solution to give you accuracy whereas if you are cutting at high volumes then maybe a die cutting machine that does multiple impressions quickly will help you get better efficiency and the time reduction you are looking for. Other options such as Desktop Cutters are available also... 

      So now lets cut to the chase & cut through the clutter... and have a look at the different print cutters we have available to help you in your print store...

      For High Volumes & the Safety Perspective 

      Multi-CutOur A4 Multi-Cut Machine is an extremely useful photo die cutting machine with many super features. With over 16 cutting plates that be used with it, this premium print cutting tool will cut numerous shapes and sizes saving you time and increasing production. 

      They are easy and safe to use and no training is required. It is a patented pressure adjustment system that works with numerous shapes. Very handy as well for small spaces as it is space efficient and extremely compact. It is ideal for use with A4 and US letter sized paper. 


      The interchangeable die photo cutting plates that work with the cutting machine are durable and hard 

      Photowearing dies that are extremely safe – even for those unskilled operators! Allowing you to see the area which you are cutting, these ultra-tough hardened structures make it easy and quick to make 1000’s of impressions. 


      For the Precision Cut 

       If your style of business involves printing and cutting photos as and when you get a print order from your customer and precision is vital then our range of hand held cutters may be the best option. 

      HandWe have our user friendly Hand Held photo cutters which come in a variety of shapes allowing the memories and moments of your customers to be shown in a variety of products whether it is their holidays as a magnet, a beautiful keyring for that perfect pet photo. They have been designed to show exactly what youre cutting to make very clean precise and accurate cuts.

      They feature a user friendly rubber grip and a simple easy action making it quick and fast to use speeding up your assembly time. These are ideal Key ring cutters if you print Classic sized photos or a range of other keyring sizes such as Passport or Original. 

      Built for Speed 

      We also have a range of handy desktop cutters which have been built for speed. These durable & useful Baublerapid desktop photo cutters allow you to cut bauble and dome shapes out of photos easily and quickly. Featuring an open side so you can align your photos perfectly and a simple push down mechanism to make it easy. No expensive tools or skills are required.

      All of our cost effective solutions provide quick and easy ways to create instant photo products for your customers. 

      We hope this article help gives a better understanding of the wide range of photo cutters available to you. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team on 01686 625100 or email us at [email protected] 

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