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    • Mixtiles Removable Wall Art | The World’s Easiest Photo Framing

      Mixtiles Removable Wall Art | The World’s Easiest Photo Framing

      Mixtiles have taken the concept of photo framing to a whole new level, offering a hassle-free and creative way to decorate your walls. With their lightweight design and specialised removable adhesive, Mixtiles allow you to easily reposition them without needing any tools or worry about damaging your walls. Removable wall art is a game-changer.

      Gone are the days of making a big decision about selecting the perfect photo or art piece for a room. Mixtiles have revolutionised wall art, turning the process into a fun and spontaneous adventure. Now, you can transform your cherished memories and everyday snapshots into cool wall art or a memory wall without consulting an interior designer. From family gatherings to adorable pet moments and breathtaking vacations, every photo can find its place on your walls.

      If you’re curious about removable wall art and what makes this such a popular option in today's market, keep reading our guide to Mixtiles.

      What are Mixtiles?

      Mixtiles is best known as a brand of removable Wall Art. The square lightweight frame is well known, and it utilises a specialised removable adhesive, enabling the user to re-position the frame without using any tools – simply peel off the wall and re-stick. The frame has to be lightweight as it’s actually a very demanding adhesive application. It needs to adhere and yet remain ‘live’ for potentially repeated re-positioning. From experience, we can say that you will need to do extensive testing if you are using your own adhesive, or you can relax with Adventa’s adhesive!

      A great part about it being light is that they become so easy to mail and handle, plus there is less to worry about. Even if you place them in a very active young child’s bedroom, they are unlikely to cause any damage if they do get moved.

      Why are Mixtiles so Popular?

      We believe that Mixtiles have actually created a paradigm shift in the consumer buying motive. Using mini wall art means it is no longer that ‘big’ decision (excuse the pun) to select the photo or art design that you’re going to give pride of place in a room that needs a little décor. It is now a situation where those special photos (which we take more than ever) can be turned into something cool without consulting an interior designer!

      Those images you took of your family, friends, pets, and holidays can all be incorporated and added to or changed. Even if the photos are not prize-winning quality, they’ll mean a lot to you, and the combination can look stunning. It makes a refreshing change from conventional wall hanging, now you can simply ‘slap’ them on the wall and stand back and see if you like the positioning and rearrange them to suit. Positioning guides are available, but consumers can get creative. You will see many ideas on social media, like diagonally up staircases, etc, etc!

      One reason the industry likes this style of frame is the ease of manufacture, making them so much faster to assemble than conventional frames. They can nearly always be personalised with existing print equipment, whether this be photo printers, digital toner or inkjet – printers already have the equipment they need.  A nice feature is the option of removing some of the black leather finish recycled backboard to reveal a barcode – ideal for those with high-volume duplex printers to help ensure they go to the correct destination!

      Who Manufactures Mixtiles ‘style’ Frames?

      Adventa manufactures removable frames in our highly automated factory. We normally refer to them as the AirFrame or StickY Frame. However, our customers often use their own name for the same product. We protect the design byº Patent. This is because, whilst it may seem a straightforward design, a lot of time and detail went into it. When it comes to product design at Adventa, our team is undoubtedly world-class and industry-leading. Several considerations that we always think of when designing include: is it aesthetically pleasing to the consumer, is it fit for purpose, is it easy and fast to assemble for our print customers and very importantly, can it be stacked efficiently by a robot as it comes off the production line.

      Because we have complete control of the production process, we can also ensure that the frames include some recycled content, making them more eco-friendly.

      What Options Do Mixtiles Have?

      Design, Size and Colour! Most major print companies like to find ways to differentiate. Hence, we have options.


      With the design, we have the all-new ‘Clear AirFrame’. This unique design captures the print inside a twin clear cover with a clear border. For example, an 8x8 Frame can hold a 6x6 print that appears to be ‘floating’. Also, frameless versions (often referred to as ‘Tiles’) are growing in popularity, these can be either printed with a UV ‘flatbed’ printer directly onto the surface, or conventional style prints can be bonded onto the front surface thanks to the adhesive area we laminate on – a simple jig is also available to make this process as foolproof as possible. If you like the option of these to also stand on a desk, most of the frames have an option on simple support, and we now have a stand support available for the frameless ‘tiles’.


      We manufacture AirFrames in a growing number of sizes. The currently include 5x7” (13x18cm), 8x8” (20x20cm), 8x10” (20x25cm), 11x14” (28x36cm), 12x12” (30x30cm), 16x16” (40x40cm) – please note sizes are approximate and denote the print size the frame accepts.

      Custom sizes and shapes are available for frames on request. There would normally be an opening MOQ of 10,000 pieces for a new size or shape frame. Unlike conventional frames that are made from jointed wooden mouldings, there is no restriction on shape. For example, hexagons, circles or love hearts would all be possible. With the frameless version, these are available in different thicknesses, custom sizes and shapes are possible from only 1000 MOQ.


      Across all regions globally - black wins in terms of popularity. However, white cannot be ignored. In terms of differentiation, you could consider a set of fun colours (MOQ only 1000 per colour) eg for children's bedrooms or even ‘the colour of the year’; check out these colour ideas here:

      Removable Wall Art - TLDR

      We think it's high time for more print companies to get a slice of this massive market. It is here to stay. Since they can be easily rearranged and repositioned without causing any damage or leaving so much as a mark on the wall, this product is ideal for today’s discerning consumers that are looking for simple ways to personalise their homes with their own pictures and/or choice of art and, of course, the new immerging AI art opportunity.

      If you want to know more, or want to order bulk and wholesale quantities from Adventa, contact us today or call us at +44 (0) 1686 625 100.

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    • Top 10 challenges for personalised gift companies?

      Top 10 challenges for personalised gift companies

      Personalisation has seen significant growth in recent years, with research estimating that the personalised gift market in the UK alone would reach £1 billion in 2022. This has been supported by customer research, which shows that consumers are willing to spend more on products that can be personalised.

      While many businesses have started to take advantage of this recent trend, some businesses are still struggling to understand what personalisation is, how the process works and how they can begin to meet personalisation businesses. Here, we answer all these questions.

      What is the personalised gift market worth?

      Recent research estimated that the personalised gift market in the UK would reach £1 billion in 2022. While this is yet to be confirmed, the personalisation industry has certainly seen a boom in recent years.

      Customer research further supports these sentiments, with data indicating that consumers are happy to spend between 7% - 20% more on products that offer customisation. Additionally, consumers have indicated that they are more than willing to provide brands with their personal and preferential data if they [the brands] take product personalisation seriously.

      How do personalisation businesses work?

      Personalisation businesses in the UK typically work by using data and technology to tailor products, services, or experiences to individual customers.

      This can include using data on customers' preferences, past purchases, and behaviour to make personalised recommendations, customising products or packaging, or creating personalised marketing campaigns.

      By leveraging customer data, personalisation businesses can offer more tailored and relevant experiences, which can help to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

      Examples of personalised gift businesses

      There are several different types of personalisation businesses, each with their own unique approach to personalisation.

      1.   Pre-printed Retail Gifts

      For decades pre-printed gifts have been available in gift shops on spinners and racks.  Examples include History and Heraldry one of their original products was square magnets similar to .  This has the big challenge of stock control, popular names selling out and new trending and more ‘wacky’ names never being available.

      The Share-a-coke campaign was a simple but clever concept that had a big impact on sales for a well-established brand.  This had no obvious stock control issues, but the likelihood of finding your name always seemed slim!

      1. Print in-store Retail gifts

      This has been done for a while in Sports shops to add you name to the sports kit.  Other examples include engraving or personalised label in pop-up stores in premium department eg Selfridges stores specially at Christmas.  Challenges here are with staffing costs, unreliable software, slow print/personalization process, expensive space and with our local sports club lack of stock on some letters of the alphabet!

      One system that has really perfected in-store personalised gifts is it is space efficient and fast, plus has the massive benefit of not having to commit to printed inventory that may or may not sell, designs can be added or switched off remotely – a dream for stock control!

      1. Individually named Promo gifts

      This is the next step from solely printing a generic brand logo or message, actually including the recipient’s name on the product creating an awesome reaction and a much higher ‘keep me’ factor!  Fun examples include desk calendars using software like XmPie to spell your name in flowers or balloons, etc!  Challenges with this system is that it relies on data being accurate, from experience expect last minute requests for additional names which become a hassle, slow and expensive. Adventa have a wide range of products that can simply and easily be printed and created on demand from an office toner printer, simply get a design preset, see the Uprint system in action here

      1. Online Personalised Gift Companies

      These companies represent the biggest part of the market.  Examples include Zazzle and Funky Pigeon.  An endless range of products is available, check out these best-selling lines where the blank products are mass produced and supplied wholesale to printers from Adventa including Canvas, Drinkware, GlitterBlox, Keyrings.  The challenge with this business model is being ‘lean’ in the process.  Order values may not be huge and each one is different!  Make sure you invest in proven software and consider the whole process from order to dispatch, cutting out ‘touchpoints’ can make or break an print-on-demand gift production process.  Check out this neat process example here

      Another challenge is the seasonality of demand, expect huge peaks around events like Mother’s day and specially Xmas where extra temporary staff will be required to produce Photo Baubles and Domes.  Well worth considering the reliability of your supply change, we know at Adventa how important it is to cope with unexpected peaks in demands!

      1. Technology and software businesses

      Several companies have developed personalisation technology and software that can be used by other businesses to deliver personalised gifts, services, or experiences.  If you are looking for software make sure you get a couple of references you can speak to, as from experience software ‘features’ promises can turn out rather hollow!  Many major companies end up taking this in-house to deliver the results they need.

      One neat feature is to cross sell at the basket, once consumers have spent time creating a design of say a greeting card there is a high chance they will want to simply add another product like a keyring with the same design.  It is specially powerful if you can actually visualise their artwork within the extra product.

      Where can you connect with personalisation businesses?

      With an increased demand for customisation from customers, businesses should be looking to see where they can incorporate personalisation into their product offerings. However, for many brands, the cost of carrying out customisation directly is not feasible.

      This is why it’s essential to connect with other personalisation businesses that specialise in carrying out such activities. Events such as the Personalisation Experience (part of FESPA) look to bring brands together with printers and other businesses to see how they can make personalisation a reality in their businesses. You never know, Adventa may even be able to help get you a free ticket!

      How can Adventa help your business with personalisation?

      At Adventa, we specialise in delivering a range of customisable products, such as wall art, desk decor, candles and more. These products are specifically designed for lean manufacturing.  Contact us today to see how we can help your business on its personalisation journey.

      Adventa also offer a group innovation brainstorm video call – it is amazing what focusing the mind can really achieve!  We share experiences and successes, you can tell us about your challenges, we put ourselves in your shoes to deliver solutions and create new and unique products.

      The personalisation market has seen a significant boom in recent years as customers increasingly seek out customisable products and services. There are various types of personalisation businesses that each operate differently. Brands should consider the benefits of implementing personalisation, such as increased customer loyalty, engagement and total revenue. However, this should be carefully weighed against the associated costs in order to determine whether it’s feasible.

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    • Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas | Adventa

      Should Your Business Do Valentine’s Day Marketing?

      Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means that one of the biggest marketing events is too. There can be no doubt about it, the day of love has become a great opportunity to market, sell, and attract new customers.

      That being said, is it still as big an opportunity as it was five to ten years ago? And should your business give in to this marketing opportunity, or should you rather continue your successful marketing strategy?

      In this blog, Adventa looks at how much Britons spend on Valentine’s and whether it's worth changing your marketing strategy during this period or not. We will also look at Valentine customer activations to try and determine whether you should buy Valentine-specific products to sell to customers.

      How Much Do Consumers Spend on Valentine’s?

      Valentine’s Day is a big spending holiday all over the world, as the focus is on gifts and tactile expressions of love and affection. Flowers, chocolates, soft toys, photo frames, heart-shaped trinkets (check out the Adventa heart-shaped wholesale keyrings) and jewellery have put back UK spenders by approximately £1.3 billion in 2022. This number has not been confirmed, but we can look at more specific statistics for previous years.

      According to Finder, 2021 saw over 40 million Brits (76% of the population) celebrate Valentine’s Day. This was actually a significant drop from the previous year. In lockdown, love soared, with over 41.4 million people celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2020.

      In 2021, the total spent on Valentine’s Day gifts and goodies was £926 million (£23 per person). 2020 saw an impressive £1.45 billion (£35 per person) spent. So, going off this information, you may consider that 2023 may be a lower spending year, and you may be right. With the cost of living crisis causing people to tighten their belts all over the country, love might not be on everyone’s minds. However, this may simply mean that some won’t take their partners on extravagant dates. Small gifts and meaningful presents are likely to maintain their importance.

      Valentine Customer Activations to Try

      Customer activations, in marketing, is the implementation of campaigns, events, and experiences that resonate with the audience, engages them, and generates awareness of your brand. The activation process focuses on guiding customers on the path to purchase, often through an interactive experience.

      Making use of customer activations during the Valentine’s period will encourage customers to choose your products above other options. It will also give you a chance to interact with your customers, which will set you up for the year ahead too.

      Here are a few online and onsite customer activations your business can try for Valentine’s Day:

      • Create an interactive social media campaign
      • Create a social media contest to improve engagement
      • Encourage loyal customers to spread the love with referrals
      • Celebrate different kinds of love on social media
      • Celebrate love within your business on social media
      • Create engaging, heart-warming video and photo content
      • Offer customers exclusive savings or a loyalty program
      • Interact with customers to show them how to use your products
      • Create a beautiful, love-celebrating aesthetic in your physical store

      Why You Should Consider Buying Valentines Day Specific Products

      What does your store sell? If you’re in the business of selling flowers and candy, you’re set for a successful Valentine’s period. But if you don’t sell anything Valentine-related, you may want to consider investing in lovely gifts.

      The statistics indicate that, in 2021, approximately 40% of UK women were expecting to be given flowers for Valentine’s. Many UK women were also expecting jewellery or candy.

      Then there are the cards. Over 25 million cards are sent for Valentine’s Day every year, which is truly impressive. So if you print cards, you might just be in business. Better yet, however, would be image-holding products like the Heart Blox or the Glitter Blox. These let lovers display pictures with their loved ones, making an excellent gift for card lovers and gift enthusiasts alike.  Many successful print-on-demand card companies prove the value of adding value to the online sale by offering the card design in a simple product like the key chain or HeartBlox.

      Final Thoughts on Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

      Valentine’s Day presents a fantastic opportunity to market and interact with customers. Show your customers some love this year with well-thought-out campaigns, interesting customer activations, and some seasonal gift options. We definitely find this holiday worth investing in.

      If you want to know more about our wholesale product range, get in touch with us today or call +44 (0) 1686 625 100.

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    • How to Market to Millennials & Gen Z | Photo Business

      How to Market to Millennials & Gen Z | Photo Business

      Millennials and Gen Z are two of the most lucrative and influenceable customer demographics. These customers are spending more than any other generation, and if you haven’t started marketing to these demographics yet, it is time to start.

      Millennials and Gen Z are very photo focussed. The rise of platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok has made images more important than ever. However, Millennials and Gen Z fall into the category of having hard-copy pictures of their childhood, with very few printed photos of their adult lives.

      Now, people are turning more to printed images, which display precious moments. In this post, Adventa looks at how to market to these demographic groups in order to capitalise on the photo-focused generations.

      Why Market to Millennials and Gen Z?

      Millennials and Gen Z hold greater spending power than any generation before or after it, making these groups an ideal, albeit broad, target market. With these groups responding to different marketing strategies than others, it is important to create strategies that specifically target these groups. Here is why your business should invest in specific marketing strategies for millennials and Gen Z:

      • Millennials and Gen Z change brands, making it easier to attract them to yours and harder to keep them as loyal customers
      • These demographics use devices to buy and consume content
      • These are two of the most lucrative target markets, with a high buying power
      • They are tech-savvy with high digital literacy, so organisations need to use technology to sell
      • Fast growing clientele groups

      Tips to Appeal to Gen Z and Millennials

      There are a number of ways to target the younger generations to get them to your photo business, in-store or online. Here are our top tips for appealing to millennials and Gen Z in your marketing strategies:


      1. Make use of visually appealing content: You have, after all, a photo business, so display your products and services in a way that expresses your brand identity and what your business can create.  Look for ways to promote upsells, to encourage this group to put their photos to use, eg Air Frame
      2. Create a website: While brick-and-mortar stores have their place, and most photo businesses require customers to come in-store, having a website is always a good idea. Your website can showcase your client's work, products, services, and brand identity. It is a fantastic opportunity to market to millennials and Gen Z and also informs potential customers that your business can support customers in what they are looking for.
      3. Use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest: Since you deal in imagery, use image-focused platforms for marketing. Creating a brand-expressive Instagram account and Pinterest board shows potential customers who you are. It also allows customers to share their images and tag you, providing your business with free marketing. Lastly, Gen Z and millennials are on these platforms regularly, so they are good ones to target.
      4. Pay attention to customer reviews and feedback: Technology has made it easy to find out the quality of a business. Potential customers can find out a lot about your business from the reviews past customers have left and tend to rely on these heavily. So it is important to ensure that your reviews are positive and that negative feedback is addressed and dealt with.
      5. Showcase your brand identity and sense of humour: Brand identity is becoming increasingly important in marketing strategies. People want to make use of organisations that they relate to, with values that they support. Showcasing your brand humour also allows customers to connect with your business. Humour is automatically interactive and engaging, which is an ideal way to market to millennials and Gen Z.
      6. Respond to customers quickly: Last but certainly not least, it is important to respond to customer queries and requests quickly. We live in a fast-paced society, and people expect speedy results. Quick responses are always appreciated and will keep your customers from looking for another photo business, as you will already have helped them.

      Conclusion on Marketing Your Photo Business to Millennials & Gen Z

      Millennials and Gen Z like companies that are creative, interesting, and offer something new to their customers. So, in order to successfully market your photo business to millennials and Gen Z target markets, you need to showcase who you are as a business. Follow the tips provided above, be clear about your brand, and make use of photo printing innovations, and success will follow.

      If you would like to know more about our products and services, browse our ranges online or get in touch with us today.

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    • Leading Retailer Staples achieves success with QuickPro Canvas in Germany

      Staples Germany first heard about the wide range of Adventa products through the success of the range in Staples UK branches. Staples Germany have been selling the revolutionary QuickPro ArtWrap since early 2016 and have seen a big impact already. The sales volume of the range already equates to 25% of the whole product range in just its first year, with the 20 x 30” canvas achieving the highest volume of any other product.

      “We first selected the QuickPro ArtWrap due to speed of production. In busy retail environments we have to turn around our customers’ orders quickly whilst still maintaining product quality. We have found that QuickPro has saved our other overseas branches a huge amount of production time as well as training time. Due to its set up simplicity our staff can make them easily without any added tools or long training times and can make them in a fraction of the time versus canvas bar systems” Comments Streichsbier, National Manager of copy & print.

      Adventa’s uniquely designed canvas system simply allows anybody to be able to create a canvas in just Adventaunder 2 minutes without any tools or machinery whilst still maintaining a premium gallery wrap thickness and perfect corners.

      They are ideal for displaying family memories or make great templates for adding company logos and creating gallery- style canvas prints for office or retail environments. Retail stores spend a lot of money in having to replenish expensive POS signage but this innovative canvas system can enable companies to create stylish signage regularly in a cost effective way.

      They also enables consumers to use their treasured memories & photos to create wall art for their homes. “We find that our consumers buying decision is very focused and dependant on pricing and QuickPro enables us to enter the canvas market with a premium canvas that’s of a thicker nature versus similar priced canvases on the market whilst also maintaining that effective price barrier. It also means for our online customers we can charge less for delivery due to the light weightiness of the product. QuickPro is great, its lightweight but it still holds its thickness and tautness.” Comments Streichsbier

      AdventaHere at Adventa, we have been supplying companies globally for more than 30 years, after starting with a range of promotional products to help businesses promote themselves in unique and effective ways we understand the needs, wants and demands on office and stationary companies who are supplying promotional items. We develop easy application products that are uniquely designed to stand out in the marketplace as well as offer service that is friendly, quick and reliable so our customers can offer a first rate service to their customers.

      “Adventa’s service is very effective, we have found the customer service team to be extremely helpful and always go above and beyond what we need. We have found ordering with Adventa pain free…ordering is simple and we always get our products delivered on time and in great condition” comments Streichsbier

      The range will also benefit from a selection of other iconic photo gifts which have also provided extremely popular for Staples UK where success is expected to continue in the Germany. Christmas is the most important selling season for retail and the impact of having key upsell products available at this time is evident in the success of Staples Germany with Adventa’s core Christmas items ranging from Snowdomes to liquid filled photo blocks filled with snow and Christmas figurines.

      “It is important that we have maximise each key selling period and we find that the Adventa range of novelty Christmas Photo gifts are perfect to help us achieve that– they are a fantastic draw for customers at the till point and have substantially helped us to grow our seasonal business” states Streichsbier
      The QuickPro range selected for Staples Germany was recently presented at a large training session for stores so staff can get hands on with the production off the canvas as well as learn about the key USPS.


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    • Adventa: Revolutionizing the Product Landscape in Photographic Stores

      Helrot Oy first head about Adventas revolutionary and innovative products by the historic Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), the first full-scale printing company in Japan.

      Helrot Oy was founded in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland. They are specialists in providing the graphics and printing industry with tailored consulting services, technical support, software, printers, printing material amd machines and equipment. The important services and products needed in this industry to deliver the consumer the exact product of their request.

      As a professional organisation they are continuously looking for high quality finished products to provide to their customers and that is why they choose Adventa products.

      It was Adventas extensive range to choose from that initially attracted them.

      The luxury Glass Mount is proving a successful product for them due to their ease of use, and ability to blend in to most surroundings in a contemporary style.


      For them the most revolutionary product has been the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas system. Eduard, Managing Director comments The most valued benefit of the QuickPro range is that its easy and quick to assemble, easy to hand, light weight and requires little storage space.

      The new canvas system allows anyone, even beginners to make a canvas frame without years of experience. It is easy for a novice to learn how to create them from scratch. The light weight products makes it safe to use and easy to handle.

      The advantages of the product have resulted in positive and happy customers from Helrot Oy. For them it is a cost effective product as it does not require much training for their staff to be able to make a perfect canvas frame.

      Customers at first think it is made the traditional way until they realize it is very light weight and when they turn it around and inspect it in more detail.

      The Adventa range was available to see on their stand at the Helsinki Camera and Photography Fair, 4-6 March 2016 and had some strong, optimistic, reactions.

      So far the range has helped see an increase in sales over certain lines and they expect to see even larger increases once the new ranges have had time to establish themselves in the stores. 


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    • QuickPro ArtWrap delivers success to licensed product distributor

      How an iconic licensed product distributor found a better canvas system to suit their needs

      Adventa sit down with Trevor George, President of Trevco - US manufacturer & distributor of licensed products, ranging from popular DC comic licenses Batman and Superman right through to iconic Betty Boop.

      Trevor & Jim George, CEO of Trevco, first spotted the pioneering QuickPro ArtWrap at a US trade show.


      The QuickPro ArtWrap is an innovative canvas system which has been designed with quality in mind, featuring premium gallery wrap thickness and perfectly neat corners. Whilst also not compromising on efficacy, the system is exceptionally easy and quick to use, saving time and making it easy for production teams all across the world.

      Standard wooden bar canvas systems notoriously come at a premium cost and can be known for frequent quality issues with many canvases sagging in the middle and loosing tautness over time. The cost effective ArtWrap canvas system features can’t sag properties, meaning the canvas can stand the test of time as unique durable wall art at a cost effective price.

      Trevco’s goal was to expand their product selection with wall art and were looking for the superior quality & uniqueness that licensors would accept – and the QuickPro ArtWrap just had the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that they were looking for. 


      Trevor comments “The end product portrays an image of a high-end, high priced item yet the price is very affordable as compared to canvas with wood frames”

      Using a simple fold and lock construction method, the canvas is easy to make but is also very durable and strong and holds its shape faultlessly.

      We asked Trevor what he preferred about the QuickPro over normal wooden canvases and it was “Simplicity of construction, durability and value” that really stood out for him.


      Each canvas takes just under 2 minutes to make and only requires a pair of scissors and a stapler. For production teams this means less training required, an increase in production and due to the lightweight aspect of the canvas, decreases shipping costs.

      Frank Gadwell, Production Manager at Trevco adds “We have found the Adventa product to be a time saving and economical alternative to traditional canvas art framing. It not only allowed us to bring this manufacturing in house, it is also a better priced alternative than our previous production source. It also saves on shipping costs too! This is a big deal in this day and age of dimensional shipping.”
      With initial sales proving strong and optimistic, the outlook is looking bright for Trevco and the QuickPro range, Trevor says “We have definitely not even scratched the surface of potential with this product”

       To read more about the QuickPro range click here 

       To view their vintage, iconic range of products visit their website at: ttps://




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    • A Successful Collaboration Between Art and Print Products

      A successful Collaboration Between Art and Print Products



      Kris Rozelle, Owner of Kris-A-Lis Designs, is a self-taught artist from the age of 5. She established the company 4 years ago and specialises as a mixed media artist.

      As an Artist, she was looking to share her artwork in a more practical way besides just wall art. While looking at a local retailer in the US, Kris discovered the Adventa Black Glass Coasters.

      Kris comments ‘I thought that the black coasters would be a great product addition to insert my artwork in and sell them on my website where customers could collect many paintings all at once. It was the black coaster that sold Adventa to me, but also the wonderful customer service I received when I sought Adventa out on the internet after that’. 

      The heat and cold resistant safety glass that the Coasters use also was a feature that she highly valued as her customers could place them anywhere and enjoy them in their home with her artwork and view it as they sip from their favourite drink.

      She also valued the black border around the edges of the glass which allows the paintings to be highlighted and stand out from the coaster.

      Thirdly she found that the price for the value of this product is effective too.

      Lastly, the Adventa coater size of 4 X 4 means that the opening is larger than other designs on the market, allowing for any artwork or picture you place in the coaster to really stand out.

      These highly respected features have meant the coasters have been very successful for Kris and her work, because her beautiful artwork is now coupled with a well-priced, practical, useable and very strong quality black coaster.




      This outcome is reflected in her sales, which have doubled since the day she placed the products on her website, with 25 being sold in one week.

      The end result is a durable solution and a new way of bringing life to art.

      The feedback has been positive, and they are now a customer favourite due to the versatility and quality of these products. She has seen customers buy multiple sets for loved ones as personalised gifts too! Customers enjoy the safety of saving their table tops by utilising these quality heat and cold resistant anti slipping coasters. They can enjoy a quality product, with quality art in their very own home.



      Her artwork can be viewed online via &
       (C) Kris A Lis Designs

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