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    • How To Package A Canvas
      How To Package A Canvas

      How To Package A Canvas 

      Updated 31/03/2023

      Wondering how to package a canvas quickly and easily while providing it with enough protection to make any journey safely? Adventa explains how to package and ship a canvas painting so that it arrives at your customers' door undamaged. Find out more and buy canvas and packaging below. 

      Packaging and shipping canvases

      Brand sentiment doesn’t end once a customer hands over their money. A seller's job isn’t done until the customer has the product in their hands and is happy.

      That's why we've designed the QuickPro Mail Safe Packaging to guarantee that your canvas art will be delivered to your customers safely and securely. Shipping art is almost, after all, an art form itself, and we want yours to be successful and your customers happy!

      What are flat boxes?

      Flat boxes refer to boxes that haven't been built yet. All our art canvas boxes come unassembled (or flat), but don't worry, the 'fold and lock' function means your boxes can be ready for shipping within minutes, without the need for packing tape or special tools.  

      The compact design of flat boxes also means you’ll save on shipping costs, whether you ship them flat or in their completed form, as they fit snuggly around the canvas. 

      How to package a canvas

      This stress-free box is straightforward to build, so if you are making canvases in large volumes, then it's ideal. Just follow these instructions:

      • Lift the lid upwards and over.
      • Slide the lid's tab into the slot at the front of the box.
      • The box is then ready for labelling & dispatch. 

      Why buy your canvas packaging from Adventa?

      If you're looking for cost-effective packaging boxes for canvas prints that are easy to assemble and dispatch for your production staff, look no further than the QuickPro ArtWrap Mail Safe Box from Adventa.

      The extra side supports keep canvases safe from crumple zones and promise durability thanks to their thickness. No need for protective packaging like bubble wrap - the thick cardboard and clever design provide maximum protection.

      The side of the boxes has been designed so that the three smallest boxes can hold multiple canvas sizes. Either pull over the flaps flat to hold the largest size or fold over into a square tube to create thicker sides for the smaller sizes.

      This economical packaging box for canvas prints is ideal for swift packaging and sending your customers prints safely so they can hang their memories easily.

      Canvas packaging FAQs

      Do you still have questions? Here are the queries we get and answer most regularly:

      How do I post a large canvas?

      We provide canvas packaging of varying sizes, so all you have to do is order the size appropriate to the size of the canvas you plan to create and dispatch to your customers.

      The outer box is big enough to enable a 3.9cm thick canvas to lie neatly and securely within the box. Here’s a full list of sizes and product references we can supply:

      Why does our packaging design work so well?

      The QuickPro Auto Canvas and Mail Safe Packaging are designed for rapid production with its semi-automatic machine, ensuring efficient packaging techniques. Premium quality corners are guaranteed every time, which makes us stand out in the manufactured art community.

      What type of packing materials are recommended for protecting a canvas painting during shipment?

      We recommend using durable packaging materials to ensure the superior "can't sag" properties of the canvas are maintained. The lightweight and compact nature of our packaged art makes it easy and safe to dispatch.

      Do I need to worry about size and weight restrictions?

      The lightweight and compact design of our packaging makes it suitable for shipping, and they comply with standard size and weight restrictions imposed by most shipping services.

      When shipping artwork, how can you guarantee safe shipping?

      Both the QuickPro Auto Canvas and Mail Safe Packaging are designed for durability. The black backboard accessory (QPB812) contributes to climate resilience during shipment. The engineered packaging also boasts extra strong side supports that keep the canvas safe from crumple zones. So whether you’re shipping fine art or your business's most recent offering, our packaging can ensure maximum protection for your canvases.

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    • 7 Essential Home Office Supplies For Businesses | Adventa
      7 Essential Home Office Supplies For Businesses | Adventa

      Adventa highlights how personalised equipment helps businesses connect with their remote workers while providing what’s needed for effective working



      7 essential home office supplies for businesses

      When you sell office supplies to businesses, you must choose something that makes you stand out from your competitors' offerings. With the rise in remote working, you have a fantastic opportunity to help your customers provide their employees with home office essentials with a difference.

      Home office supplies with a difference

      Historically, most office supplies have been personalised with company branding, mainly the logo. This was, and still is, a fine idea, but some home-working employees may not want company branding everywhere at home. Instead, they may prefer something that's tailored to their tastes and home office decor.

      When you partner with Adventa, you can help your customers go one step further and provide their employees with office equipment that they will really appreciate.

      Here's how you can help your customers level up their employees home office supplies:


      7 home office supplies employees will love


      1)  Personalised notepads

      From taking notes during a Zoom meeting to jotting down creative ideas and more, who doesn’t love a notepad? For employees who are often out and about, there’s our Notebook Classic, and for office-bound employees, there’s our Designa Journal which includes both lined and unlined pages. There’s also our Notebook with a spiral spine for easy use.

      Businesses can invest in these for their employees and either leave the insert blank so that the employee can personalise it themselves, or send in a picture of them at a recent work event, for example, for you to insert on their behalf.

      Shop our full range of notebooks here.


      2)  Post-it note holder

      In addition to a high-quality notebook, every home office needs a supply of post-it notes, perfect for jotting reminders while on the phone and placed where they are easily seen and actioned the next day. They also make a great visual if you have to break a large project down into smaller steps.

      In addition to every office needing post-it notes, they also need a post-it note holder so that they are always at hand when needed. Whether business owners want to invest in a short or tall post-it note holder, you can find it here. Again, a business can add an image themselves, such as an encouraging quote, request you to do this for them, or leave this blank for their employee to fill themselves.

      Shop our full range of post-it note holders here.


      3)  Pen pot

      While the office pen thief may no longer be a problem for home office workers, employees still need a place to store their pens and pencils.

      We have a stunning slim pen pot that holds pens and pencils as well as post-it notes, the perfect choice for anyone short on desk space.

      We also have a trio pen pot which is a fantastic choice for employees who are pen hoarders and need a place to house them all. If businesses want to personalise these to their employees' tastes, there are three opportunities with this particular pen pot.

      Shop our full range of pen pots here.


      4)  Pens

      Of course, businesses could fill the pen pot themselves, providing their employees with truly everything they need to start work. This snazzy little pen will give a three-sixty view of any image, whether chosen by the business or employees themselves.

      Shop our full range of pens here.


      5)  Mouse mats

      Mouse Mats are a must for essential office supplies, and there are plenty to choose from at Adventa. Employees can tailor their mats to their deskspace with three different sizes available.

      The wipe-clean surface and non-slip backing make our mouse mats as functional as they are beautiful.

      Shop our full range of mouse mats here.


      6)  Coaster

      What home office is complete without a coaster? Square ones, round ones, we have the lot. You also have the option of purchasing assembled and unassembled boxes to safely and securely post them to your customers (a must for our glass coasters).

      Once again, personalisation is extremely easy and can be done yourself on behalf of the customer, themselves, or their employees.

      Shop our full range of coasters here.


      7)  Water bottle

      Water is miraculous. It keeps us hydrated, feeling refreshed, energised, and can even help us concentrate. And so, a water bottle is the perfect gift from an employer to an employee. What makes our water bottles even better is that they are easily customisable with the photo of the employer's or employee's choice.

      Shop our full range of water bottles here.


      Invest in our perfect home office kit

      We’re offering retailers and suppliers a ‘home office kit,’ which includes:


      6 x 9” blank notebooks

      This notebook is a perfect choice, with an easy to personalise cover which takes only ten seconds with a 6 x 9" photo or print. This notebook contains 120 pages of quality ruled paper; there's more than enough space for notes and diagrams, ideal for busy professionals. Thanks to the protective front cover, the inserted image will be safe from wear and tear.

      Available in boxes of 30.


      Trio pen pots

      This distinctive personalised pen pot with plenty of display area holds three images and is a must-have for a home office! It takes only 30 seconds to make without the need for any machinery.

      Available in boxes of 180.


      8 x 10” mouse mats

      Suitable for 8 x 10" prints and a perfect way for companies to stay connected with your employees at home. Fast and easy to create in ten seconds without any equipment. These mats come with a wipe-clean surface and non-slip backing.

      Available in boxes of 30.


      Black glass coasters

      Our stylish contemporary glass coaster has wide appeal and high priced value with customers. Ensuring the highest level of safety for your customers, we use toughened, heat resistant safety glass.

      This coaster holds an 80 x 80mm photo and takes eight seconds to make.

      The black coaster is included in our fabulous home office concept; alternatively, you can purchase it separately in boxes of 50.


       For more information regarding any of the individual products in our list of essential home office supplies or the Home Office Kit, please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected] or call us on 01686 625 100.

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