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Mixtiles Removable Wall Art | The World’s Easiest Photo Framing

  • Mixtiles Removable Wall Art | The World’s Easiest Photo Framing

    Mixtiles Removable Wall Art | The World’s Easiest Photo Framing

    Mixtiles have taken the concept of photo framing to a whole new level, offering a hassle-free and creative way to decorate your walls. With their lightweight design and specialised removable adhesive, Mixtiles allow you to easily reposition them without needing any tools or worry about damaging your walls. Removable wall art is a game-changer.

    Gone are the days of making a big decision about selecting the perfect photo or art piece for a room. Mixtiles have revolutionised wall art, turning the process into a fun and spontaneous adventure. Now, you can transform your cherished memories and everyday snapshots into cool wall art or a memory wall without consulting an interior designer. From family gatherings to adorable pet moments and breathtaking vacations, every photo can find its place on your walls.

    If you’re curious about removable wall art and what makes this such a popular option in today's market, keep reading our guide to Mixtiles.

    What are Mixtiles?

    Mixtiles is best known as a brand of removable Wall Art. The square lightweight frame is well known, and it utilises a specialised removable adhesive, enabling the user to re-position the frame without using any tools – simply peel off the wall and re-stick. The frame has to be lightweight as it’s actually a very demanding adhesive application. It needs to adhere and yet remain ‘live’ for potentially repeated re-positioning. From experience, we can say that you will need to do extensive testing if you are using your own adhesive, or you can relax with Adventa’s adhesive!

    A great part about it being light is that they become so easy to mail and handle, plus there is less to worry about. Even if you place them in a very active young child’s bedroom, they are unlikely to cause any damage if they do get moved.

    Why are Mixtiles so Popular?

    We believe that Mixtiles have actually created a paradigm shift in the consumer buying motive. Using mini wall art means it is no longer that ‘big’ decision (excuse the pun) to select the photo or art design that you’re going to give pride of place in a room that needs a little décor. It is now a situation where those special photos (which we take more than ever) can be turned into something cool without consulting an interior designer!

    Those images you took of your family, friends, pets, and holidays can all be incorporated and added to or changed. Even if the photos are not prize-winning quality, they’ll mean a lot to you, and the combination can look stunning. It makes a refreshing change from conventional wall hanging, now you can simply ‘slap’ them on the wall and stand back and see if you like the positioning and rearrange them to suit. Positioning guides are available, but consumers can get creative. You will see many ideas on social media, like diagonally up staircases, etc, etc!

    One reason the industry likes this style of frame is the ease of manufacture, making them so much faster to assemble than conventional frames. They can nearly always be personalised with existing print equipment, whether this be photo printers, digital toner or inkjet – printers already have the equipment they need.  A nice feature is the option of removing some of the black leather finish recycled backboard to reveal a barcode – ideal for those with high-volume duplex printers to help ensure they go to the correct destination!

    Who Manufactures Mixtiles ‘style’ Frames?

    Adventa manufactures removable frames in our highly automated factory. We normally refer to them as the AirFrame or StickY Frame. However, our customers often use their own name for the same product. We protect the design byº Patent. This is because, whilst it may seem a straightforward design, a lot of time and detail went into it. When it comes to product design at Adventa, our team is undoubtedly world-class and industry-leading. Several considerations that we always think of when designing include: is it aesthetically pleasing to the consumer, is it fit for purpose, is it easy and fast to assemble for our print customers and very importantly, can it be stacked efficiently by a robot as it comes off the production line.

    Because we have complete control of the production process, we can also ensure that the frames include some recycled content, making them more eco-friendly.

    What Options Do Mixtiles Have?

    Design, Size and Colour! Most major print companies like to find ways to differentiate. Hence, we have options.


    With the design, we have the all-new ‘Clear AirFrame’. This unique design captures the print inside a twin clear cover with a clear border. For example, an 8x8 Frame can hold a 6x6 print that appears to be ‘floating’. Also, frameless versions (often referred to as ‘Tiles’) are growing in popularity, these can be either printed with a UV ‘flatbed’ printer directly onto the surface, or conventional style prints can be bonded onto the front surface thanks to the adhesive area we laminate on – a simple jig is also available to make this process as foolproof as possible. If you like the option of these to also stand on a desk, most of the frames have an option on simple support, and we now have a stand support available for the frameless ‘tiles’.


    We manufacture AirFrames in a growing number of sizes. The currently include 5x7” (13x18cm), 8x8” (20x20cm), 8x10” (20x25cm), 11x14” (28x36cm), 12x12” (30x30cm), 16x16” (40x40cm) – please note sizes are approximate and denote the print size the frame accepts.

    Custom sizes and shapes are available for frames on request. There would normally be an opening MOQ of 10,000 pieces for a new size or shape frame. Unlike conventional frames that are made from jointed wooden mouldings, there is no restriction on shape. For example, hexagons, circles or love hearts would all be possible. With the frameless version, these are available in different thicknesses, custom sizes and shapes are possible from only 1000 MOQ.


    Across all regions globally - black wins in terms of popularity. However, white cannot be ignored. In terms of differentiation, you could consider a set of fun colours (MOQ only 1000 per colour) eg for children's bedrooms or even ‘the colour of the year’; check out these colour ideas here:

    Removable Wall Art - TLDR

    We think it's high time for more print companies to get a slice of this massive market. It is here to stay. Since they can be easily rearranged and repositioned without causing any damage or leaving so much as a mark on the wall, this product is ideal for today’s discerning consumers that are looking for simple ways to personalise their homes with their own pictures and/or choice of art and, of course, the new immerging AI art opportunity.

    If you want to know more, or want to order bulk and wholesale quantities from Adventa, contact us today or call us at +44 (0) 1686 625 100.