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Monthly Archives: July 2020

    • Just in time for Christmas!

      Although 2019 has just ended, here at Adventa we are ahead of the game with preparations for this year’s festive period! Whilst we always strive to ensure sufficient stock of seasonal items in this busy period we strongly advise providing your Account Manager with your seasonal order and forecast now to avoid missing out on your seasonal stock! 

      Our novel Christmas photo gifts are designed by industry leading professionals, to give you a unique selection of gifts. All our products are innovated to be easy to make, have great durability and delivery the highest quality to your customer.

      With a wide range of print products to offer Adventa is the one stop shop that can meet all your festive blank product needs! Click here to see the full photo insert gift range! Display your customer’s seasonal images or their treasured memories in our high quality snow domes, supplied with a snow mix that is safety certified for children. Make personalised Christmas gifts with our snowflake or star ornaments – featuring a chrome effect cap with a silver string – or our stylish, easy to use clear Baubles can be filled with a photo, or craft & goodies! These exceptional high quality registered designs are perfect for in-store winter promotions too!

      Our Top 3 Favourite Picks!

      Snow Dome 

      Bring your image to life and display them in our high quality Snow Dome. These seasonal photo domes make perfect gifts and are extremely easy to make. Supplied with snow mix it has been EN71 tested and safety certified for kids! Available with both a metallic base or a high quality 3D soft touch design each dome design comes in box quantities of 36. Now even easier to make with the new and improved easy to open base, which has sped up production to just 15 seconds! Compatible with our desktop photo cutter RCDG – all you need to do is line up the image and cut! No need to mess around with templates and scissors. This wonderful product will make the perfect gift or leave a lasting impression for winter promotions.

      Click here for more information


      Let it snow, Let it snow! With this super fun and festive blox! Supplied with a pretty snow and glitter mix this contemporary and registered design tilts back for easy viewing of the picture and adds a bit of fun to your customers memories! Easy to create, this product is available in boxes of 24 and accommodates a 4 x 6” insert - meaning there is no need for cutting! With EN71 safety certified liquid this product is safe for children and makes it fun to shake it up! With a new and improved back that securely clips into the blox frame it ensures the photo is held in place, it also has an easy to remove feature meaning customers can swap their image with ease. This product is ideal for customer’s personal photos, winter promotions and Santa’s grottos!

      Click here for more information

      Memory Box

      A one of a kind keepsake! This large photo memory box makes for an ideal Christmas eve box, made from wood and can be fully customisable with a personalised 6x 8” print or photo. There is plenty of space inside for all the seasonal essentials and treats. Available in box quantities of 4 this product is very easy to construct and takes only 15 seconds, and the 4 easy to use hinges will keep photos securely in place and protected. Made with wood – this box highlights the beauty of the wood grain and has a clear acetate protective cover of your insert and two magnets to help keep the lid safely shut. This stunning box enables you to create a special gift for housing the new popular Christmas eve tradition!

      Click here for more information

      For more information or to make an order please contact us on +44 (0)1686 625 100 or email [email protected]

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    • Adventa's US office moves!

      Adventa experiences market growth in the US with their unique range of blank print products. To celebrate we are happy to announce the relocation of our American office
      Based in New Jersey you can now find us at:

      NJ 07660

      This larger office space is a great way for us to meet with our US customers and demonstrate new product ranges, with appointments available via advance booking. We can now discuss the needs of all our customers face-to-face too!

      Located just off the I-95 and only 16 miles from EWR or 25 miles from JFK it is easy to access and has the Hilton Garden Inn on the doorstep for anyone travelling.

      Here is a sneak peak of inside:

      We look forward to meeting you all soon! To make an appointment please contact us on 844 458 0106 or email [email protected]

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    • Adventa's Greener Environment

      Adventa is committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. With the focus of the environment and climate change in the news we understand it is our corporate responsibility to put measures in place to help reduce our negative impact.

      There are 3 key areas we have focused on:

      Products and Packaging
      - Striving to reduce the volume of waste per completed product. For example, our retail packed bauble has gone from 36 pieces of plastic to none in the space of one year! To do this we are currently researching ways of using alternative types of protective packaging and endeavour to use FSC certified card and paper wherever possible. For example, we have now switched to using FSC recycled void fill paper in boxes. We are also striving to achieve FSC chain of custody for 2020/2021
      - Working with suppliers to ensure materials are ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly wherever possible as well as looking for alternative companies, closer to the UK to source some of our materials to help significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
      - Investing in research on plastic alternatives and recyclable plastic for future developments. As well as investigating the environmental impact of our products. For example, the QuickPro Canvas, one of our best-selling products, use 90% recycled content:


      - Reuse/regrind 100% of all the manufacturing waste made from our injection moulds meaning there is no left over waste!
      - Also, to ensure nothing is left in landfills or waste we ensure all discontinued products are donated to charity for re-sell

      - Aiming to reduce the kWh of electricity used per square meter within our factory and offices through efficient use of machinery and motion sensitive LED lights
      - Reducing the amount of energy, we are using by helping to generate energy! Our new state-of-the-art warehouse roof features solar panels to help counteract our energy usage!

      Office Supplies
      - As a business we are establishing a new recycling scheme where all paper and all recyclable material in the office will be recycled through the internal paper recycling scheme

      - Installed a cardboard baling machine in the factory to ensure all card and paper waste of the business is disposed of correctly

      Although some of these elements are still work in progress and are having further investigation, Adventa is determined to find a greener approach where possible while also providing high quality products.

      If you have any questions regarding our progress please feel free to email us on [email protected]

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    • Meet our Adventa Team

      Adventa, formerly known as Innova Mill was founded in 1983 and is run by brothers Mark (Managing Director) and John (Sales and Marketing Director). Based in Mid-Wales, UK, Adventa has grown and developed into an organisation that is committed to innovation, automation and quality products that have been distributed to customers in every continent of the world! To help provide the best possible service Adventa is always growing and developing, with biweekly product development meeting (totalling an astonishing 480 hours per year) we like to challenge the ‘norm’ to ensure the best products are always available.

      Not only have we tackled the global market but in 2015 we expanded over the pond and set up a warehouse in New Jersey, and we are currently expanding our UK Warehouse so we can accommodate 896 pallets at one time.

      As the company grows so does our client bases, due to this we have expanded our teams to help keep up with demand, provide a high quality of service, and help us work towards our aim of being the number one specialist suppliers of instant print products globally, accomplished through relentless innovation!

        Mark Managing Director

        John Morrish Sales and Marketing Director

      The sales team is the first contact our customers meet when they enquire or order products from Adventa. These products can range drastically, anywhere from a 2 x 3” Keyring all the way to a 20 x 30” QuickPro Canvas or a 4 x 6” FunBlox to an Automatic Stapler, our product base is always expanding! Each person within our team is key to help Adventa run as smoothly as possible. This team has also expanded and recruited a new member! Due to this the roles of each person has evolved. So to introduce the people you may already know! Our Sales team


      Ed is fortunate to be team leader for an exceptional sales and customer service team. They have a close understanding of their customers, and if you have a query or need samples or quote, they’ll make it happen fast.

      Ed has been immersed in the marketplace for 9 years and is passionate about developing our customers and the market, so if you have an upcoming project or idea, then please let him know!


      Rachel is our Customer Relations Manager, she has worked with Adventa for 3 year and is in charge of processing Adventa’s orders on a global basis, having over 28 years customer service experience she is the ideal person to deal with new and existing customer enquiries. If you have any questions please contact us on [email protected]


      Mel is the Key Account Manager for our Attraction customers. She has worked with Adventa for 7 years and is highly experienced in working with large volume customer’s that require instant and easy product production for quick queue line attractions. She works closely with her customers to create bespoke products and artwork that enhance their branding.


      Emma is the Key Account Manager for our Retail and Wholesale customers and has worked with Adventa for nearly 2 years. Emma is passionate about customer service and improving customer experience. A number of customers approach her with retail projects meaning she is able to work closely with them to help achieve their aims as well as help the business grow.
      Currently this includes the QuickPro canvas, due to the demand of this product Adventa has grown the range to include a larger variety of sizes, from 4 x 4” to 20 x 30”, that not only meet the customers needs but are also more environmentally friendly.


      Steve joined the Adventa team at the beginning of this year and is the Key Account Manager of Print Laboratory and School Photography. Bringing extensive experience in customer facing roles, he aims to understand the unique requirements of our customer, providing relevant product information and support. As well as ensure that Adventa remains a supplier that grows and adds value, he is also currently helping increase his accounts in the United States market.


      Sian is the Purchasing Manager and has worked with Adventa for 7 years. She helps source and procure all of Adventa products, component and raw materials. As well as ensuring credited ethical suppliers, safety tests products to ensure we have the highest level of product quality and safety and works hard on ensuring the IP of our innovative products. Also ensuring that the company stays atop of moving trends to ensure the product range consists of new products, as well as constantly improving our products and packaging to be more environmentally friendly. She regularly travels overseas to visit suppliers to optimise suppliers development, risk management, in line with our global strategic approach.

      Warehouse Team

      Another vital part of Adventa is the amazing team we have in our Warehouse! This small team streamlines the movement of goods in and out and ensures products are delivered to customer on time.


      Kirk is in charge of Procurement and Logistics, he has also worked with Adventa for 10 years


      Mark is in charge of Goods Despatch, he has worked with Adventa for just under 2 year.

      Together both Kirk and Mark ensure our success rate of 98.5% of orders delivering on time continue and that our ability to coordinate and fulfil shipments to over 30 countries worldwide continues successfully. Everything that leaves the warehouse is packed to specific regulations to ensure its upmost safety in transit.


      Ian is in charge of Goods In, working with Adventa for 8 years he is in charge of processing all of the deliveries and key components that come into the warehouse and ensuring that they are in the best quality, he then navigates them to a suitable location and ensures they are easy to located so our production team can use the materials to create our high standard of products. Adventa has also undergone an expansion, meaning our storage capacity has increase by 896 pallet spaces! We have even built in a new dedicated canvas production area!


      Mervyn is the Operations and Production Manager and has worked with Adventa for 15 years. He is in charge of our state-of-art manufacturing equipment and robots as well as the production team! For your peace of mind we control the whole manufacturing process from the specification and procurement of bulk materials, Mervyn is in charge of ensuring these machines run according to plan, on average each machine runs 8000 hours per year and has successfully created 5 million keyrings and 2 million magnets in 2018 alone!

      Marketing Team


      Sally is the Marketing Manager of Adventa. She has worked within marketing for over 10 years and has worked with Adventa for 3 years. To help Adventa keep up with the demand from customers Sally ensures each products full potential is shown through a variety of different marketing materials. Most recently she has been working on our updating the Adventa website!


      The marketing team has also expanded to include Ana our new Marketing Assistant. Working alongside Sally she helps with the marketing demands within Advanta and helps compile and expand the variety of marketing material available for our customers.

      Accounts Team

      Miriam is our Accounts Manager and handles the Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger Accounts. She has been part of the Adventa Team for over 2 years and looks after Credit Control as well as Ensuring regular and prompt payments for our valued suppliers.

      We are also committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. These include: 

      - Reducing the volume of waste per completed product. For example the retailed bauble packaging has already reduced from 36 pieces of plastic to one!
      - Using FSC certified card and paper wherever possible
      - Working with suppliers to ensure materials are ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly wherever possible
      - Investing in research on plastic alternatives and recyclable plastic for future developments
      - Reducing the kWh of electricity used per square metre through efficient use of machinery and motion sensitive LED lights
      - Reduce the number of single-use cups used per day within our offices
      - Removing all laminated paper cups within the office and replacing them with personalised mugs for team members – saving over 700 cups being used per year!
      - Establishing a new recycling scheme where all paper in the office will be recycled

      This family run business is growing rapidly with a an abundance of enthusiasm within their team and a mission to provide the best solution and quality, innovation products at affordable prices, through consistent innovation, automation and customer service. By doing this we envision being the number one specialist supplier for instant print products globally!

      If you have any questions or enquiries please contact us at [email protected]

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    • Website Update: New Exciting Creative Zone

      We are excited to announce the launch of our new Creative Zone

      We want to make your experience of using our products even easier and therefore we have a range of assets and software to help you make products quickly, easily and attractive to your customers. 

      There are just 4 simple areas which you can explore: 

      1) The QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas Creator 

      This area allows you to create a canvas template in seconds. In one simple click you go through to this user-friendly software where you can upload your image and select from a wide range of orientations and sizing. Simply then just crop the picture to suit your needs and select a border that will enhance the image from ArtWrap, Mirror, Stretch, Average Colour, Black to White. Then simply download and print! Easy as that! This free easy to use canvas wrap software is compatible on PC and Mac computers. Click here to start designing a canvas. 

      2) Product Cutting Templates

      You dont need expensive technology to size pictures to fit our products. Just visit this section and you can download a simple Word or EPS file which you can just drop your image into and it will be the right size. So all you have to do is insert your picture and print - simple as that! View the list of product templates available here 

      3) Branded Business Templates

      Our range of products are ideal for advertising and promoting your business in a unique way that will catch the eye of your prospecting customers. They are also a fantastic way of decorating your office with your brands ethos, missions and beliefs so why not browse through our pre-designed range of promotional and branded business templates that are compatible with our popular Coasters and Mouse Mats and add your companys or brands name. 

      You dont have to worry about adverting or designer fees...we have done the work already so just add your name and start promoting your brand and what you believe. View here over 20 free business templates

      4) Inspire Zone

      Our wide selection of print products make fantastic gifts and craft projects. Our inspire zone is to help inspire, enthuse and show you how you can maximise the sales potential of these fantastic products. Not just for a plain and simple photos our products are fantastic to use as photo gifts and personalised gifts which you can get success with at peak trends such as Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Weddings as well as Christmas. The products make ideal upsells to a range of existing services you may be offering so if youre a photographer or print studio start browsing our inspirational ideas to see how these products can help you maximize your sales at peak times! 

      So dont wait - visit the new area now below to get creative and inspired 

      Visit Creative Zone 

      If you are interested in any other marketing material such as high resolution images then please do contact us at: [email protected] 

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    • Vision Wall Makes an Impact in Support of Local Artist

      Vision Wall Makes an Impact in Support of Local Artist

      During February, the Adventa, acrylic poster frame – the Vision Wall, will be creating an artistic impression at a local exhibition being held at the Newtown Library in Powys, Mid-Wales.

      The exhibition features a collection of pictures from a local, and very talented artist, Rosie Robinson, who sadly recently passed away.

      We are delighted to have supported the exhibition with a range of our picture frames to highlight Rosie’s wonderful paintings in a professional and impactful way comments John Morrish, Sales & Marketing Director. 

      These poster frames are the latest concept for large, modern wall art. Contemporary & stylish, these wallVision mountable acrylic frames stand out from the wall and allow prints and art to be displayed in a frame without a border.

      Growing up in upper Trefnant Maesmawr with her three brothers, Rosie attended three schools Cyfronydd school, followed on by Robert Owen, in Newtown and then she went on to attend Leighton base in Forden. It was in Leighton base, working with staff and community artist Ingrid Maugham that she produced the pictures you see in her exhibition today.

      Rosie had a learning disability but throughout her life she enjoyed many things such as cooking, dancing, holidays, pop music, drawing and most of all butterflies. In Rosies eyes the world was pink as that was her favourite colour. Everything had to be pink!

      Most of the pictures in the exhibition are from the period 1990 and 2010 when she worked with a community artist called Ingrid Maugham. Ingrid helped her to express herself through art and how to build colour and tone

      Critical Acclaim

      The paintings and drawing of Rosemary “Rosie” Robinson are remarkable for the richness and subtleties of the experience they relate. Each line, each circle, each group of people is carefully and pleasingly considered.

      To call Rosie’s work naïve or primitive is to miss the point. Her art derives from a carefully observed life. The visual vocabulary she uses is both consistent and surprising. These aren’t arbitrary images thrown together in a spare moment. They are the work of someone in control of their language. The language she employs may be different from that used by a traditionally schooled artist, but the work produced is no less insightful. They tell a distinct and welcome story.

      These are paintings about place, family, work, play; about life. Finally, they are what good art aspires to be, a unique vision of a unique life.

      Rosie was a very special and unique person. Everybody she met fell in love with her because of her wonderful personality. On November 24th 2016 Rosie passed away peacefully aged 58.

      The fantastic collection is available to view in the Newtown Library for the whole of February so if you’re in the area we highly recommend a visit. The collection will also be visible in Theatre Hafren during June and July also.

      VisionThe pictures can be purchased through the family, with any money raised going to local charity projects. The remaining pictures will be offered to community hospitals and day centres around Powys.

      This exhibition highlights how the right frame can really complement a finished piece of art. If you are interested in the Vision Wall range please click here for further information or contact our Sales Representatives on 01686 625100. 


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    • New - Bright Soft Touch Glass Mounts

      We have just launched an exciting set of 4 brand new Soft Touch Glass Mounts. These modern designed photo frames are available in four vivid, bright and popular colours - Pink, Yellow, Lime and Purple. 

      These retro frames have a quality feel whilst also adding a bit of fun and colour to any desktop. 

      Their luxury feel provides a nice touch for the end user as well as a durable aspect by protecting the picture and frame corners. 

      Great for attracting customers in store these frames will also make your life easier with their easy application.Purple They hold a popular sized 4 x 6 photo and take just 5 seconds to make.

      Here at Adventa we provide print products that will achieve success for you at excellent value. So contact our dedicated sales team to hear about the range of wholesale options available - [email protected] 

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    • Product of the Month - December

      The Classic Snowflake 

      Adventa’s 2016 Christmas decoration range has seen the addition of the new Classic Snowflake. This versatile product comes with a magnetic back ideal for making any fridge festive or with silver string for hanging to decorate a tree.






      Simply stunning in appearance, reflecting light just like a crystal, these stunning Christmas ornaments are perfect for making personalised

      decorations or gifts. They neatly hold a classic size photo at 45 x 70mm (1-3/4 x 2 ¾”) perfectly in the middle and can be used landscape or portrait.


      Available in wholesale quantities and coming in packs of 250. These easy to make ornaments take just 12 seconds to create by following these simple steps:


      #1 – Place the image inside the Snowflake


      #2 – Insert window and push down firmly


      #3 – Ready to use or give as gift



      We also have a range of solutions to help make things easier for you and to increase your production.  This product can be used with our accompanying Hand Held Classic Photo Cutter which has been designed to show what you’re cutting to make it easy. This cutter is strong and durable with quick and easy action and an ergonomic rubber grip.




      If you print at the Classic size we also have a range of other products that fit this size.


      VisionBloxIf you are looking for a premium picture frame then check out our luxury VisionBlox. This cute acrylic block is hand finished with a high gloss edge and is available in packs of 20. Taking just 12 seconds to make this will make you meet your customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently. They look great on a desk or shelf, even in a retail setting where they make excellent retail signs.


      Or if you are looking for a promotional item at the classic print size then our Classic Keyring is perfect. It is renowned for its durability and long-life, featuring premium hard-wearing stay-clear plastic and uses an ultra-tough nylon, ‘lie-‘flat’ patented connector.



      To search the full range by classic size or to select other print sizes then search our Insert Size Search filter here and select your desired size on the left hand side filter.



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    • Our Glass Coaster range just got even better!

      High Gloss for High Quality Results

      We would like to introduce the new Premium Glass Coaster. Available in both black and silver, these new coasters have a hand finished, high gloss polished edge making them extra clear and premium. For a contemporary stylish look they now feature a more pronounced bevelled edge and have a flat smooth surface.




      Our range of personalised photo coasters have a wide appeal with customers, they use toughened safety glass just like car manufacturers use for their window screens and are heat resistant for the hottest of hot chocolate mugs. Whether they are for holiday memories, art & craft work or promotional purposes your customers will love using our personalised high quality coasters.




      Our wholesale photo coasters come in packs of 50 and hold a 80 x 80mm photo (3-1/8 x 3-1/8”). The photo sits framed in this square framed coaster and will surly brighten up any coffee table.

      Taking only 8 seconds to make our coasters are efficent and easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

      #1 Position your print


      #2 Peel off the back and seal



      #3 Use or Give!




      Why not complete your home & living photo product offering with our wholeasle mugs and placemats. These accompanying items are great for coordinating decor in dining rooms. Versatile in use these coasters can be used with wallpaper or thin arts and craft projects enabling your customers to create their very own DIY coaster or give as a special gift.




      To see our full range of Home & Living photo products please click here


      If you are interested in ordering our new Premium Glass Coasters then please contact us on [email protected] to find out more. The item codes to reference are:


      CGP02-BK - Premium Glass Coaster - Black

      CGP02-SR - Premium Glass Coaster - Silver


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    • Pre-Christmas Delivery Dates

      Hurry, Order Now! – Our Christmas delivery cut-off date is just around the corner… so place your orders now to avoid disappointment.

      Our cut-off date is 2pm on Wednesday 21st December so place your orders before then to ensure you receive your delivery before Christmas.

      We will re-open for normal business on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

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