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    • Special Occasion Mementos – Top Products to display photographs from a special event.

      Are you trying to set yourself apart in an industry that seems to be exploding at the moment? With every man and his dog with a half decent camera offering services at one level or another, diversifying the media and medium in which you present your images could be a fantastic way to evolve your business.

      Here at Adventa we provide solutions to this very problem on a daily basis. With our research and understanding of the industry, we thought we would try and help out with a few suggestions.

      So you have done that special shoot; a wedding, christening, birthday party or simply a family portrait. You have done all of your editing and want to offer that little extra to give your client exactly what they want, and depending on the person and the event can depend on the media that you offer.


      A fairly traditional offering…. Framed Images and Canvas Prints

      Traditionally, after most shoots, you will offer a digital format of a selection of images. This, along with a varied size of print from 4 x 6” through to 20 x 30” is generally what people will expect. Most will receive an album of some sort and the images will be beautifully printed, and edited if required. With larger images you may frame them or even have them transferred and displayed on a canvas. These types of services and products will keep your offerings similar to the rest of your peers, but will rarely set you apart.

      CanvasThe new patented product from Adventa, the QuickPro ArtWrap is ground-breaking in the world of canvas print, offering a faster and very cost-effective method of making premium high quality canvases.

      The quality of the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas ensures that you produce professional results every time. Everything you need to create the perfect canvas in just 120 seconds, with no specialist knowledge or equipment required. This unique canvas creation process ensures that you can cope with high demand, maintain speedy turnaround and not compromise on quality.

      The strong board construction uses a ‘fold and lock’ method with a premium back board to complete the canvas. Our unique manufacture process brings strength and durability to your canvas, also enabling you to produce perfect, clean edges for your print.

      This product delivers the high standards, quality and unique creativity of Adventa to your customers.


      How about something a little different …


      Adventa ArtBlox are an interesting twist to using a frame or canvas. They give images a very contemporary look with a fine art archival quality and the best thing about them is how quick and easy they are to produce, without the need for knives. Using our patented design, they are tough and durable and come with a semi matt finish. They can be used as a wall hung picture or can stand on a table or sideboard, something just a little different.


      Options that are good for Family portraits and parties.

      With parties and family portraits you do have a little more licence and flexibility with what you produce. You can do those serious shots that everyone wants, but you also have scope for a little fun, especially when children are involved. At parties get them to pick their favourite gift or if it is during a portrait shoot, get them to bring a toy or have some balls, balloons and toys around and get that beautiful natural shot of the children at play having fun.

      This opens up a whole new world of opportunities and income streams for you. Why not offer keyrings with individual images of the children in a more relaxed setting? These will be perfect for the parents themselves or even for the parent to give to grandparents, and with the cost not being too high this could be a nice easy upsell for you.

      In a similar vein why not look at magnets. When most people think of magnets they think of small fridge magnets, and they are great, however if you do look through our website you will see a broad range of magnets from the humble fridge magnet to our panoramic magnet with stand, right the way through to our Premium Solo Mount Magnets in a 4”x 6”, again something just a little bit different. These are available in a range of exciting vibrant colours and can be offered as a magnet of frame option.

      These more fun and relaxed type of images that would also be great on T-shirts, sweatshirts or even mugs.

      If you are looking to extend to printed garments, we would always suggest developing a working relationship with a local T-shirt print company. This will ensure that the garments and products that you offer are of the best print quality and best prices.


      How about delivering the option of greetings cards?

      GreetingWe know what a lot of people say when they speak to us about cards. They can’t compete with the large online sellers, and we don’t expect that. The service that you offer is more of a premium one; the images you create with your skill as a photographer makes you a country mile better and we understand the investment you would have to make in machinery could make this a prohibitive idea.

      So our clever boffins here at Adventa have invented a fantastic card frame that allows you to deliver a more personalised and beautiful card package to your clients. This is ideal for sending to extended family and friends.

      To browse these fantastic product ideas, click here

      Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow globe….

      So that leads in nicely to our seasonal range of products, with our image ready range of Baubles, Ornaments, Snow Domes, Christmassy frames and rather fancy SnowBlox you really could offer a complete seasonal package, allowing your clients to decorate their trees and home with a festive range of products, and in reality you can start marketing these from September onwards, just as the wedding season comes to an end.


      Extending your product range while keeping it simple

      In short, what we have tried to do here at Adventa is to give you and your business options, helping you to deliver a better range of products to your clients and diversifying your business.

      But we understand that your time is often stretched as it is, and new products, different processes and skills can take time to develop. That is why we ensure that all of our products require no specialised training, no expensive tools and are quick and easy to produce.

      Our focus is always on quality and efficiency. Why not take a look through the products we have available?

      We supply the blanks; you supply the images.

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    • Instant Souvenir Photo Companies

      A guide to Instant Souvenir Photo Companies, for theme parks & attractions

      Containing some of the most popular instant souvenir companies, this list is your one stop shop to everything you need for the perfect theme park and attraction photography companies.

      SouvenirWe have companies in this list that are from all over the globe and ready to help you make your event or attraction as memorable as possible with their skills and expertise.

      Here are our top picks in no particular order…


      Image Insight

      Owned by System Insight (est. 1991) the company Image insight focuses on souvenir photography for theme parks and events, taking full advantage of their 25 years of experience in the field they provide their services to the UK and the rest of Europe. 
      Using their own world class computer systems and powerful VEGA software you are guaranteed to get the best photographic experience money can buy, installs are available on dark rides and log flumes too.



      Established in Staffordshire in late 2006, GR8moments started providing fully automated photographic souvenirs for an attraction called the Singapore Flyer. Since then they have gone onto provide their service and skill to leisure attractions and theme parks across the UK and overseas for over 10 years now. 

      From design to completion this company will be with you every step of the way, and will create a flexible and easy system for your event or attraction.



      Picento is a fresh new take on event and theme park photography, basing their working system around a free phone app where people can view and buy their photos. This approach has numerus advantages, all listed on their official website.
      The other services they offer include photo booths, fully trained event photographers, commercial photography and much more, giving Picento the full package.



      The flashy website for GoPhoto shows off the great set of features their services provide such as added brand awareness, increased engagement, valuable leads, and sales growth, it also shows they have worked with/for some brilliant companies since their inception such as Bacardi, Vogue, Logitech, Urban Decay, Glamour, Zeilen, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz.

      AttractionThe working system of GoPhoto comes in 3 easy steps: Take branded photos of visitors > give visitors a “link card” email or sms with a unique code > enter that code into the website and you can access your photos.
      This allows for greater collection of customer data useful for follow up campaigns and greater audience interaction, perfect for theme parks and attractions worldwide.
      We can see this system being a massive help for marketing and large events alike that need a regimented way to offer photos and momentos while the event is still going on.



      Cashman Photo is a juggernaut of theme park and event photography, you will find them behind the lese of every high speed, high excitement roller coaster photobox in Las Vagas. But it’s not only the rides they focus on, bringing their skills and experience into many of the other attractions in the city.
      They don’t just stop there however, they branch out into photographing Cuisine, Nightlife, Philanthropy, Special events and even video.
      The perfect and highly experienced company for your needs, contact them on their website or by phone.



      Perfect for your end of ride souvenir picture the people at RiderCam have built a business around making your customers feel special, Dynamic and professionally captured full motion HD digital video with sound will capture every second of your rollercoaster experience.
      They understand that action photos when on theme park roller coasters is a big part of the attraction and pander directly to that with a handy instant DVD or USB service, great for handing over photos without the need to print.
      their RiderCam 2.1 system allows for mobile devices to connect to the server and attain videos and pictures directly.
      Their design includes a camera unit that houses a high quality HD custom camera including a microphone, a unit that attaches to the roller coaster to control the timings and the cameras and a modem to send it directly back to the viewing station.


      Magenta Star 

      Offers a complete package of photographic solutions; operational expertise and customer service to drive supplementary revenue streams to any business partner.

      They support visitor attractions, holiday parks, shopping centres, farm attractions and garden centres.

      When running any kind of visitor attraction, their clients want to be confident that their customers are being photographed and greeted by friendly staff - who know what they’re doing and producing great results.

      Whether they’re looking for digital imaging technology and training, or need a fully managed service, Magenta Star provide everything they need to create and capture the lifetime memories their customers will warmly associate with their brand - forever.

      They pride ourselves on offering a photographic solution which means customers get to capture a moment in time - especially if they’re sat with Father Christmas, having breakfast with holiday park characters or riding a roller coaster.

      From opportunity to reality they provide solutions for everything required. 


      So this was our list of some of the best theme park and attraction photography companies out there right now. Each tend to go about taking and producing the photos a slightly different way to the last but you generally end up with the same outcome, fantastic picture, and a brilliant price.

      If you are looking for a company with the very latest in high speed photography why not give our list a try first and see if they can help outfit your attraction, roller coaster or event.

      And remember, once the photos are done, your customer will want to take them away in something special, so check out the Adventa range of display products. From keyrings to magnets, bags to snow globes and canvases, we have a great range of products that can be used to give tourists and customers something really special.

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    • How to create and deliver the perfect canvas print for your customers

      When you print your customer’s images onto canvas you’re not just printing a photo or design, you’re printing their memories and ideas. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. But it’s not just that! Often, you can have a great product but if your audience is not aware of it, they’ll be missing out on a good thing! That’s why communicating your products and services effectively is just as important.

      First, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors in creating the perfect canvas for your customers.

      Creating the perfect canvas print

      #1 Quality of the digital print

      Arguably the most important part of the process for a canvas is printing the actual artwork or photo well. Using a high quality printer with non-fading ink you should be able to create a bold and lasting print every time.

      Another way to make sure your canvas comes out perfect is to make sure you draw from the best quality images you can. Ask clients and customers to provide the highest resolution images at the best DPI they have.


      This will allow for as much detail as possible in your prints. If they cannot provide you with a high quality picture to print from and they still want it printed, there are a few things you can do to minimise degradation. 

      Photoshop can help you improve an image greatly. If the client cannot do this themselves it will be something you should charge for to account for time spent improving their images, be sure to send back any edits to the client before printing so you can make sure they love it first.

      Is it possible to remake the image? In some cases, if you have a simple design to print you can remake it using vectors so it can be resized to any point, this is best case scenario.
      The worst case would be a once in a lifetime photo being captured in poor quality, if you can’t re-stage it you can try Photoshop first to help or try printing it on a smaller canvas.

      Check your printer’s calibration carefully. If the colours come out wrong or muted your customers will not be happy, so be sure that all settings and configuration is checked and tested. You also want to keep any edge bleeding to a minimal. Owning a state of the art printer will help with both of these things, along with using the correct ink.


      #2 Quality of the canvas usedCanvas

      Second to the printing quality is what you print on! Don’t cut corners. Use good material, be it cotton canvas, gloss paper, polyester canvas or satin paper. Choose the right material that can absorb ink well and hold its shape for the best finished product. The right material is important to avoid sagging and maintain the integrity of the product.


      #3 Build quality and longevity

      Make sure the construction of your frame and canvas is the best it can be. Changing suppliers can be a real hassle but massively beneficial in the long term, sometimes resulting in getting your frames and canvas cheaper and of equal or better quality.

      Will your ink or canvas fade over time? Does direct light effect your product? You may need to upgrade your ink. Customers want to know that your product will last a long time, just as it should do! Making sure you use ink that does not fade and canvas that does not discolour even in bright light will bring a longevity to your product and a smile to your customers face.

      How is the frame held together? Simply gluing the frame together has traditionally been the most used method of construction, however the newest system to hit the industry is the Adventa QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas that can be assembled in seconds without compromising on quality, using unique fold and lock process. The QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas requires no specialist knowledge or expensive equipment. In fact, you only need a stapler, a pair of scissors and a pair of hands.

      If you have not yet tried the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas, click here to find out more.

      Now let’s take a look at some important things to remember when communicating your product to your customers.


      Delivering the perfect canvas print

      #4 Offer alternatives and variety

      Offering alternative frames and styles that will help you reach the maximum user base. For example, you may want to offer triptych and collage styles. Make sure you have a product for every price range so you don’t miss out on vital customers.Keyrings

      Be sure to offer a range of add-on products. This can be a range of frames for photos, frame hanging wire, paints, stationary, house warming presents, anything you think will go well with your main service. Add-on products such as magnets, keyrings, placemats, bags, mugs and phone cases are also great to extend your product range. The list is extensive, if you would like to browse through some ideas, why not check out our product range here.

      #5 Special Offers and Discounts to boost sales of your prints and canvases.

      Customers love to feel they are getting a great bargain while shopping online. To help deliver your canvases to your customers a sale or discount can be just the encouragement needed to get people to your website or store.

      What types of offers should I run?
      This will depend on your profit margins and what you can afford. Buy One Get One Free offers are always very popular, but you can also offer 10%, 20%, 30% off and so on. Or you can be creative and come up with your own offer specially for your customers, mixing and matching products or working on the upsell.


      #6 Marketing and Social Media

      When thinking of a sales campaign don’t forget to market it! This can be done on social media like Twitter and Facebook, or the classic email newsletter, letting people know you have a great promotion on right now and they should visit your site. Social

      Social networks are great for spreading the news and can help you interact better with you customers along with providing faster feedback and customer support.

      Be sure to browse these networks often for your products and company keywords, read any posts about your product to get a sense of how your customers are using them and what people like.  
      Make your company its own Google+ page, this will allow for your company info to show on direct google searches and help your SEO power.

      Be sure to make a YouTube channel with interesting content on. Guides on how to select the best images to use, how to clean your printed canvass, how to assemble the canvas frame if they are using the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas, and so on.
      Try and make these look as interesting as possible without looking cluttered. Use YouTubes brilliant custom thumbnail images to make sure your video stands out in the crowd.

      Make sure to hit those keywords when you upload any videos, using is a great tool, type in your main keyword you want to use and it will recommend others you may have not thought about.

      Try to attain subscribers so people will be informed about any new videos you post via email and their YouTube inbox.


      The Perfect Canvas for your customers

      So there we have it, a brief insight into canvas creation and the promotion of your products.

      If you have any further questions or are interested in using the QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas, just drop us a message or give us a call to discuss.

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    • A Successful Collaboration Between Art and Print Products

      A successful Collaboration Between Art and Print Products



      Kris Rozelle, Owner of Kris-A-Lis Designs, is a self-taught artist from the age of 5. She established the company 4 years ago and specialises as a mixed media artist.

      As an Artist, she was looking to share her artwork in a more practical way besides just wall art. While looking at a local retailer in the US, Kris discovered the Adventa Black Glass Coasters.

      Kris comments ‘I thought that the black coasters would be a great product addition to insert my artwork in and sell them on my website where customers could collect many paintings all at once. It was the black coaster that sold Adventa to me, but also the wonderful customer service I received when I sought Adventa out on the internet after that’. 

      The heat and cold resistant safety glass that the Coasters use also was a feature that she highly valued as her customers could place them anywhere and enjoy them in their home with her artwork and view it as they sip from their favourite drink.

      She also valued the black border around the edges of the glass which allows the paintings to be highlighted and stand out from the coaster.

      Thirdly she found that the price for the value of this product is effective too.

      Lastly, the Adventa coater size of 4 X 4 means that the opening is larger than other designs on the market, allowing for any artwork or picture you place in the coaster to really stand out.

      These highly respected features have meant the coasters have been very successful for Kris and her work, because her beautiful artwork is now coupled with a well-priced, practical, useable and very strong quality black coaster.




      This outcome is reflected in her sales, which have doubled since the day she placed the products on her website, with 25 being sold in one week.

      The end result is a durable solution and a new way of bringing life to art.

      The feedback has been positive, and they are now a customer favourite due to the versatility and quality of these products. She has seen customers buy multiple sets for loved ones as personalised gifts too! Customers enjoy the safety of saving their table tops by utilising these quality heat and cold resistant anti slipping coasters. They can enjoy a quality product, with quality art in their very own home.



      Her artwork can be viewed online via &
       (C) Kris A Lis Designs

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    • Top 10 Best Canvas Print Websites

      Here at Adventa we strive for perfection. We aim to innovate and not just simply follow the crowd, delivering the best possible solutions for our clients./

      So as I am sure you understand we do a lot of research and thought it would be good to let you know about the top 10 Canvas Print Websites. These have been judged on a number of factors with a focus on the ease of use of the websites.

      If you are setting up as a Canvas Print company, especially with an online presence, it is essential that you do a great deal of competitor analysis and research.

      Learn from the industry leaders, what works, what draws customers, what is easy to use. Take notes of their mistakes and any attention to detail that has been missed. Consumer testing is essential as the customer must be able to easily navigate, use and order on the website.

      Let’s take a look at some of the biggest, most popular sites in the industry and see what we can learn and observe;


      Probably one of the biggest in the market and due to this they deliver what you would expect. The website is slick, very easy to use with clear pricing and instruction along with some very obvious discount codes, again allowing you to get a good price.

      All products within the canvas range have tabbed options for Size, Depth and Shape - offering Panoramic, Square and Rectangular options, there is a simple and quick image upload allowing you to view a digital version of your canvas, again with the option of having your image wrapped right around the frame or the option of a white border (No wrap).

      They really have covered all of the bases. In summary, Photobox have delivered a nice looking and easy to use website, with a wide range of options allowing you to get the product that you are looking for.



      Again, Hello Canvas have a nice website, that leads you into a Canvas Print page that gives you all of the prices and options available again with Square, rectangular and panoramic options delivered in a clear and concise manor. The image upload is quick and simple to use again with the option of having the image wrapped or not, however they do have the option of adding a floating frame that adds a nice effect to your image.

      As a nice touch to the site they also have an explanation of how to use there simple to use hanging kit that comes free with all canvas orders.



      Your Canvas print is next, and I like this site. I feel that it delivers everything that you may want in different sizes, but adding the split panel canvas as an option. However, the site feels slightly busy with a floral background distracting me from what I am actually trying to find. (This is my own personal preference and I am sure that some will love this little quirk)

      The site feels slightly less intuitive than the previous two, with bright colours everywhere, except for where the “start creating” button is. This is slightly obscured by a mobile friendly message and once you click through it takes you off to a separate website (Dakis), that, as stated earlier was not very intuitive, and you were never sure if you were previewing or actually placing an order.

      That being said, this company does offer all of the options that the others do and a few more. With some slight design changes and interface enhancement this site could easily stand up as one of the best online.



      Well as you would expect delivers a nice clean (Slightly basic looking) Website. It appears to lack some of the options offered on the dedicated canvas print sites, but makes up for it in other areas, for example with its options on finishes and borders.

      It is very easy to use, with an intuitive image upload and editing suite. Great site, like it!



      Tesco deliver a great site offering all of the options you could dream of; panoramic, square, rectangle, multi-panel and collage canvas print.

      There is a downside here; you need plenty of clicks to get anywhere, and when you get there the tool they have for getting your image onto the canvas is not as easy to use as it could be.

      Again there are lots of tools to allow you to edit, rotate, add effects and that is great, but I would also like to see an option to have it automatically fit to frame.

      In conclusion with this site if you have a more technical familiarity then I am sure you will find this tool great, but if you are not so, then maybe visit one of the other websites previously mentioned.



      This website goes back to the dedicated print on canvas site. The homepage is slightly confusing with no real explanation, but with a very clear call to action of upload photo.

      At that point, if the photo/image you are trying to upload is not of sufficient quality then it will not let you upload, which is good as it ensures that the canvas you receive will be of good quality.

      However, you do then get taken off to a page saying upload failed but then does not explain what size image you should upload, or how to get back to the upload image page, you are left a little stranded.

      Once you have your image in, the tool is quite nice, allowing you to swap between products, sizes etc, with a nice editing and effects tool.

      So if you can get passed the slightly confused homepage, then has a nice natural website for you to use.



      As the name suggests this is also a dedicated canvas print site and behaves as such. Nice and easy to use, a fantastic editing suite, lots of options and very clean professional look.

      The only real issue I found with this site is a slightly obscure issue, if your image name is too long then the next button disappears off the side of the screen, making it impossible to continue. As I say this may be reasonably unique to me as the image I chose did have an extremely long name, but just something to be aware of.

      I make this point to illustrate the importance of extensive user testing when launching your canvas print website.

      I would say one of the nicer looking easier to use Canvas sites.



      I really like this site, nice and clean, very straightforward, and something a lot of the others don’t have, a nice concise description of exactly what you are getting directly on the home page.

      Once you have uploaded your image the editing suite is beautifully set out with icons and text, and each time you update your selection the price automatically readjusts. With little touches like a simple Inch – Cm chart visible and a clear button for help with any technical questions such as “what is a bleed” and if that doesn’t answer your questions you have a clear live chat available at all times.

      I really like the look feel and usability of this site, they have really thought of the user journey and process here, well done



      Much like the site, Albelli has a nice clean and concise introductory page with fantastic descriptions of what they offer along with all of the options available on their Canvas Print, laid out in a clear and easy to follow manor. I do like this as there is no confusion moving forward on what or how to order.

      The editing tools are nice, and there is a fun little smiley or sad face to indicate whether the resolution is correct or not.

      All around the has a nice system that makes editing and buying your canvas nice and straight forward.



      Ok finally but by no means last has the cleanest of all the designs and the same upload and editing suite as, in fact there a many similarities between the two sites, but both are easy to use and look good with that clear and concise journey for the user.

      Maybe they are related; maybe they are not either way both sites deliver a great experience for the end user, who will be able to get the exact canvas they are looking for using this simple solution.

      In SummaryCanvas

      These are our top 10 of canvas printing websites. I hope you have had chance to read through and visit the sites that interest you the most of all.

      Remember to always take note of what impresses you as a user and facilitates a simple and easy experience.

      If you are running or looking to set up your own canvas printing website, we have a great deal of articles and resources that can help. To view these, take a look through our complete news section found here.

      We also recommend exploring our QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas, one of the latest, most ground-breaking products to be introduced to the canvas print industry.

      This unique product has proven to substantially improve efficiency without compromising on quality, and well worth a look.

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